Juno vs. Knocked Up



JUNO was definitely more popular -- mainly because it was perceived as a more sincere indie film. It is not -- it had a big budget, studio support and big box office. KNOCKED UP, while less pretentious, is also funnier and more complex. Flip a coin -- depending on whether you like your topical comedies funny or just supported by a good soundtrack with lots of montages.

So not my thing.

Which unexpected preggers film?! Both were fun and funny and enjoyable. I'm going to go with Juno since it had JK Simmons.


The girlfriend with the attitude and a bun in the oven wins this one.

There are parallels worth considering here. If I recall, both Juno and Knocked Up have a couple with a castrating wife and a suffering husband. However, the couple in Knocked Up (Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann) is more likable, while in Juno, the wife (Jennifer Garner) is a creepy, baby obsessed shrew and the husband (Jason Bateman) is pitiful. Now, the primary couple in Juno (Michel Cera, Ellen Page) involves a virtually inconsequential teenage father and a snotty, grossly irresponsible teenage girl. In knocked up, you have the a much less obnoxious mother (Katherine Heigl) who is also irresponsible, but at least she screwed up while intoxicated. Juno chose to get pregnant for no rationally explainable reason whatsoever, aside from willfully acting like an idiot. Anyway, the father in Knocked Up (Seth Rogen) at least has a personality and exists beyond just being a sperm doner that makes Juno's contrived, unjustifiable story possible. Juno really sucks. Awful, awful movie.

Knocked Up was funnier, but Juno was better I think.

Knocked Up is funny every time I watch it. Juno gets old.

I agree with the first comment, made by Protozold. Knocked Up was better.

I liked Juno even though it's definitely for a women audience, but Knocked Up is really one of the best modern comedy movies out there.

Knocked Up no question for me