Geostorm vs. Dunkirk



Worst movies of 2017? Which one of these crapfests deserves Razzie more? Both written on the same level with the same depth of character.

Dunkirk was a million times better than Geostorm. Not even close Jarvis.

Nolan deserves every single OScar and Lifetime Achievement Award in existence.

These two brain fart films come from different directions but each are just flat out bad. Agree.

Just bad movies both of them even though one was made nicely. The other, no one cared at any stage.

Certainly wouldn't classify Dunkirk as any sort of film-making ideal but, as blah as it Is, it is categorically not in the same bracket as Geostorm. Someday there will come a writer that will sort out the disaster movie genre. That day will likely not be soon.