Sabrina vs. Roman Holiday



Two of Hepburn's best. For me, Sabrina JUST takes the cake.

Two of Hepburn's best indeed but "Roman Holiday" wins this one. What a charming and perfect actress.

Yeah Hepburn was amazing! I'll go with Roman Holiday though.

Some of Audrey Hepburn's first movies. I really like Roman Holiday. It's fun and has two great leads. The chemistry between Peck and Hepburn is wonderful, where it is nonexistent between Hepburn and Bogart. The latter storyline mostly consists of Hepburn pining for a less than decent man, not making for a fun or interesting watch.

For me, it's an easy win for Sabrina...

I'm with Rochel. On my Audrey Hepburn chart, Roman Holiday is my #1, whereas Sabrina is down at #11. Her chemistry with Holden is solid, but I can't root for her to get with his boorish character, and she doesn't have any chemistry with Bogie. Holiday, meanwhile, is a sheer magical delight from start to finish.