Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation vs. Avengers: Age of Ultron



The summer of 2015 has been a good one. Jurassic, Furious, Terminator, Kingsman, Fury Road and these two? Oh man. As for these two I'm taking Rogue Nation.

Rogue Nation by far, Ultron disappointed me

Summer has been saved by Avengers, Ant-Man and Rogue Nation. The best three films of the season by far. Still, AoU did it better.

This is true, I forgot about Ant-Man. Lets not forget about the new 007 coming soon!

Giving this one to Ultron just because of my love of Marvel and it did have a slightly better story overall.

Rogue Nation wins for me. It was on of the most suspenseful edge of your seat movies of the year. I fucking over the hell out of it. That underwater scene was well filmed. And then the scene after that he starts driving and Simon Pegg starts freaking out. That whole scene from start to finish was so funny. Oh and don't get me started on that opera scene. One of the best fight scenes I ever saw on film.

AoU is still the best blockbuster of the entire year.

Mission Impossible 5 had a better story, better action sequences, and is the better Jeremy Renner performance. (That Hawkeye family stuff was crammed in bullshit).

I still gotta roll with Marvel...

I was underwhelmed by, and have already largely forgotten, both of these. Going with ROGUE NATION because I do plan to revisit it and see if it clicks on the second try, whereas I have no such curiosity about AGE OF ULTRON.