A Nightmare on Elm Street vs. Friday the 13th



The original Freddy vs. Jason. I just rewatched Friday the 13th recently and was surprised at how much I liked it. I probably need to give A Nightmare on Elm Street another look but for now the pick is Voorhees.

A Nightmare on Elm Street for sure. Friday the 13th is pretty good but I've never really liked the Jason character

Elm Street most definitely. For me t's the concept, a killer who kills you in your dreams. Terrifying.

Hmmm... I'm going to have to pick Friday. I think atmosphere wins over surrealism for me.

I just recently finished watching all the Nightmares and Fridays and am so tired of slashers!!! In both series the following films were not very good compared to the originals. In Nightmare I thought all the films were the same while Friday had some variation but not always in a positive direction. But for the originals I have to go with Nightmare because the idea of a killer killing teens in their dreams is awesome and it was very well done. The first Friday is classic but the fact that the killer is not Jason is a little weird but the ending is EPIC!

^We didn't finish them all.....Just Sayin'. And, oh....Nightmare is way better, though I think I prefer the Fridays more as a whole.

Nightmare without question. Freddy is the more iconic horror villain in my opinion. The friday the 13th series is ok i will watch them but it is by far the most overrated of the horror series that i can think of.

i got to give credit to the first friday 13th, you didn't know who the killer was, and the film had a great sense of suspense, but i think i like nightmare just a bit more. best match up i've seen in a while

Elm Street for me by far. And that doesn't mean I don't like Friday.

Elm Street all the way. Original Friday is solid, but Nightmare is legit...

A Nightmare on Elm Street is better in just about every way. The concept of a killer invading your subconscious is a lot more original than a masked killer hacking up horny teenagers in the woods and Freddy himself has more personality than any incarnation of Jason Voorhees (or in this case his demented mother). Nightmare also possesses a cinematic (weirdly beautiful) production design and a lead heroine that is strong and well written by comparison to the kids at Camp Crystal Lake.

Nightmare on Elm Street EASY! Awesome plot, iconic villain and iconic moments. Friday the 13th is a crap movie, even the first one.

^^^I kinda take back what I said to Ft13th. The first two were pretty good films but can they ever compare to the horror classic that is the original Nightmare on Elm Street?

A Nightmare on Elm Street! Love them both though!

A Nightmare on Elm Street is the far superior film. Friday seemed like a bad try-hard wannabe version of Halloween, while Nightmare took the slasher formula and added an ingenious supernatural plot. Also, Friday was boring.

The real Freddy Vs. Jason

Just watched both for the first time in the last couple days. I really liked them both. The both featured some nice thrills/scares, both had great atmospheres and music and were genuinely creepy at times. I give the edge to A Nightmare on Elm Street for its great concept.

A Nightmare on Elm Street easily!

Krueger beats Voorhees here; Friday the 13th is merely okay, Elm Street is a classic.

Nightmare crushes.

Nightmare on Elm Street!

Friday the 13th is a good film, but Craven's movie is a horror masterpiece.

Friday the 13th is a good film, but Craven's movie is a horror masterpiece.

Friday the 13th for me. I found it more suspenseful and more of a true slasher than Nightmare.

I'm giving this one to A Nightmare on Elm Street. It had one of the most terrifying concepts in any movie ever, and did it wonderfully. The way the movie plays with your mind, not knowing if anyone is dreaming or not. And making Freddy so eerie despite not being as serious as Michael Myers. All his quips and "gags" aren't played for laughs, but rather as to torment the characters. Which as a result, makes him even scarier since he won't just cause unbearable pain, but will drive you to insanity as he does it. And the characters are decently fleshed out, and not walking meat bags to get sliced; It has one of the best final girls in horror. It isn't flawless, some of the acting is pretty, 'eh'. Maybe they'll be an awkward cut here and there, but the movies biggest flaw is it's bizzra ending which will leave your head scratching rather then hiding under the blankets. But none of this really bring the movie down, it's still a must watch, and one of the best horror movies ever made. Now none of that is to undermined Friday The 13th, that movie is excellent too. It also had a great concept and executed it extremely well, but just not as big as Nightmare. Friday also has fun characters, great tension building, and very strong pacing (able to let things build up while not lingering around), I could praise it for hours. But all of it's strengths just aren't enough to beat Freddy here, he just simply has the better movie. But please, watch both. One last thing, both of they're soundtracks are A+.

Elm Street by a lightyear, Friday the 13th is pretty meh, it's not even the best of it's franchise