Finding Nemo vs. Shark Tale



Finding Nemo is to Shark Tale as Jaws is to Free Willy.

Great comment johnmason. Although i enjoyed Shark Tale, Finding Nemo is in the top3 of Pixar and a truly amazing movie (animated or not).

Thanks. ;-) And yeah, I didn't mind Shark Tale, but it's weak, even for DreamWorks, and my love for Finding Nemo is deep and profound.


Finding Nemo is easily the best film here.

I just did this finding nemo

Finding Nemo, easily, haha.

Even Cars 2 is better than Shark Tale.

Nemo for sure.

Both movies were good, but Finding Nemo is the better and stronger movie to watch

Shark Tale, because it had better voice actors and was funnier. Finding Nemo is still a good film, but this is no contest

My previous answer was just a joke, Shark Tale was a good movie, but Finding Nemo is much better!

Finding Nemo for the win! Shark tale was good too but it tried a little too hard!

Finding Nemo all the way! Shark Tale was okay, but Finding Nemo has the better characters, plot, animation, voice acting, comedy, and music! Finding Dory was better than Shark Tale too!

NEMO ALL THE WAY! Shark Tale was the worst thing to come out of DreamWorks