Finding Nemo vs. Jurassic Park



You keep putting 'em up, and Jurassic Park keeps knocking 'em down.

I loved Jurassic Park as a kid. And Finding Nemo makes me feel like a kid, every time, even after I've seen it a dozen times with my kid. Ultimately, I just think that Finding Nemo is such a beautiful friggin' movie to LOOK AT, not to mention it has a more powerful story. Jurassic Park is amazing spectacle, and I love it, but Nemo is a better film.

Finding Nemo vs Jurassic Park..Shit!!!! My Heart says Finding nemo....well then Finding Nemo it is..!!

Well, legacy wins here in my opinion. It's Jurassic Park then.


It has to be Jurassic Park. That was the first movie to really make my jaw drop (since then there has been some others, but JP was the first).

"Jurassic Park" has John Williams's finest score and an entire host of quotable lines. "Nemo" is great, but I'm taking "Jurassic Park."

Jurassic Park is way better then Finding Nemo! It has Dinosaurs Samuel L. Jackson, Jeff Goldblum, and DINOSAURS!!! Don't get me wrong Finding Nemo is is good too and I find it very funny, but production wise I prefer jurassic Park.


The Dinosaur epic stomps the competition.

Jurassic Park has actually moved up a bit in my Top 20 after seeing it again recently. But for me, it's still not taking the cream of Pixar's crop.

I appreciate everything everyone's said here, except for "Jurassic Park" being "way better" than "Finding Nemo." They are both amazing films with awe-inspiring visuals. "Finding Nemo" is a more immaculate production than JP, but JP is already worthy of being called a classic.

JP is so silly yet so much fun. For me, there are better animated movies out there so it´s another win for the dinosaurs.

Honestly It's been a while since I've seen Jurassic Park so I'm going to have to see it again to refresh my memory. Finding Nemo is fresher in my mind so I'll go with it for now.

My opinion of Jurassic Park has changed over the years. I really didn't like it when it first came out. After repeated viewings, I've grown to like it. Finding Nemo on the other hand, I love; it's a beautiful movie.

My adulation for FINDING NEMO has kind of stalled a bit in the last year or so, whereas my love for JURASSIC PARK seemingly knows no bounds.

Love both, but I'm going with Nemo.

Finding nemo is great, but jurassic park is just mind blowing

Jurassic Park with ease. Nemo was going.