Finding Nemo vs. The Empire Strikes Back



I feel like my animation geek cred vs my geek geek cred is being called into question here, lol.

There are a few PIXAR films that trump Empire, but in my opinion, Nemo isn't one of that select few.

For me, Nemo is in Pixar's elite 3 with Toy Story and WALL-E, but it just isn't enough to top the best Star Wars film.

The Empire prevails.

No animated film can beat The Empire Strikes Back. None.

Agreed with Caesar.

I'm actually gonna go with nemo, I find it's re-watchability slightly higher than Empire's.

It's a close call, but I'm going with Empire by a hair. It's aged so well and remains a thrilling ride. Pixar knows how to make incredible films, and Nemo is definitely one of them, but it falls just a little short in this case. Team: Empire

Empire no doubt.

Finding Nemo but very close


Amazing! Nemo on lead here.

Empire by an infinite amount.

Finding Nemo.

Very difficult to say which one's better. Nemo fitted my taste more.

Loved both but I'm going with Finding Nemo because of the writing, script and visual style but I still love Empire though.