Finding Nemo vs. WALL·E



tough decison, but wall•e > finding nemo. it had a stronger message and took more risks which paid off quite well.

I prefer Finding Nemo, I like Wall-E, but didn't love it.

Pixar vs. Pixar - yeeshk. Not only that but my two favourites!


Wall-E made the best first impression on me, but it doesn't hold up to multiple viewings -- for me -- and that's what I look for much of the time. So I have to give it to the fish.

I loved WALL-E when he was alone on Earth, but I didn't care for it nearly as much once the story moved to the spaceship. And I find that I enjoy Nemo more with each successive viewing.

Finding Nemo is unequivocally my favorite Pixar film. But I have been realizing that WALL·E is moving up my list, the more I think about it. Currently, it has outpaced The Incredibles (something I really didn't think would happen) and is battling it out with Up for my second-favorite Pixar.

Nemo for me, but its close

Pixar outdid themselves with Wall-E. Finding Nemo still remains one of my favorites, but Wall-E is Pixar's finest moment thus far, I think. And it not only held up to a second viewing, but I was even more endeared to Wall-E and the film during and after it. Can't say I had the issues with the second act that you all seem to, either.

I know everyone loved Walll-E, but to my mind PIXAR hasn't been as good since The Incredibles.


Some of Pixar's best right here.

The first half of Wall-E is amazing, but Finding Nemo is probably the best Pixar film

My vote goes to Wall-E. Just liked it a lot more than Nemo.

WALL-E is just such a great film - I can't pick Finding Nemo because WALL-E is just so adorable.

Wow. Almost impossible to pick between these two. I'll go Wall-E by a hair....

Dammit Flickchart. Wall-E by a nail.

Both are amazing, but Nemo has a special place in my heart.

Finding Nemo. The visuals are absolutely stunning, it deserves another 3D release.

The clownfish.

Nemo love the Water visuals.

I'm definitely going with Finding Nemo

Nemo by miles.

Finding Nemo is awsome, but Wall-e is perfect. Not only the best of Pixar's animation or the best animated movie. This masterpiece is one of the best movies of all time

Finding nemo easily.Wall.e is overrated IMO


It can go both ways, but I feel like Finding Nemo is a tad better.

Nemo inferior. WALL-E much cuter, bold, and superior.

finding nemo is way better than wall-e

finding nemo cause i love life in underwater

I love you Finding Nemo, but I largely prefer WALL-E.

I love you Finding Nemo, but I largely prefer WALL-E.

I loved Finding Nemo but WALL-E is my all time favorite movie. So it wins.