Finding Nemo vs. Star Wars



Una cagata tutti e due

Finding Nemo is great, but Star Wars is Star Wars

Yeah, it's Star Wars.

Nope, it's Nemo.

Star Wars.

star wars for sure

Star Wars

finding nemo is good but...not Star Wars good.

Star Wars is a fantastic movie, but I don't completely understand why everyone loves it as much as they do. It isn't the greatest movie of all time; it's not even that close. So, I think this match-up is much closer than people give it credit for. In fact, this is incredibly hard.

Nemo is a very touching story with lots of comedy, but Star Wars had good humor too, along with excellent action. Still, Pixar did an amazing job with the death in the beginning, and though star wars wins, it's a close call.

Star wars by longslide

Star Wars is the BEST movie of all time, while Finding Nemo is one of the best animated movies, so Star Wars wins

I love Finding Nemo but it doesn't have the same impact on me as, say, the original Star Wars trilogy!

I love finding nemo a little bit more.