Finding Nemo vs. National Treasure



Any person who picks 'National Treasure' is dead inside. And outside.

Or just simply braindead.

Hahahahahahahahaha NEMO

Agree with all of the above...this is laughable...

Nemo takes it home.

Screw you guys. I'm picking National Treasure. Nemo is the worst Pixar movie. Why? Because it doesn't have any cool characters. The protagonists are all lame. National Treasure has Nic Cage being smart. Nic Cage being smart! Do you hear me people???

It's hard to believe that someone could dislike Finding Nemo, but even if you did, HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY CALL IT PIXAR'S WORST FILM?? That's absurd.

Yeah, I'm sticking to my guns here and/so I fail to recognise the absurdity. I guess Up is also pretty mediocre, and Cars 2 allows Mater far too much screen time to be consistently entertaining. Every other Pixar feature trashes on those three.

What'd you think im gonna choose? It's Nemo

National Treasure is a good movie. Like I's GOOD......Finding Nemo is GREAT

Yeah, I don't get the fuss over Finding Nemo. It's weak. Very weak. Nicolas Cage stealing the Declaration of Independence? That's strong. Very strong.

I agree with Connerwood, Nemo wins.