Finding Nemo vs. Despicable Me



oh man.. they are both amazing.

Finding Nemo. Despicable Me is good but not great. It has a nice story but doesn't deal with the issues that Nemo does and the story telling in Nemo is better.

Nemo is quite superior in my opinion. Despicable Me is good fun...but hell, it isn't even as good as Megamind...

Despicable Me is overrated. Finding Nemo wins.

I found finding nemo a little boring and while i don't love despicable me i found it more entertaining.

Such a tough choice but I choose FINDING NEMO!

I love both but got to go with Finding Nemo

Easily Nemo. Next match-up...

Im not a huge fan of both of these films but i find Dispicable me more tolerable so its my choice

Nemo wins slightly cause of the great water animation and adventurous feel!

Most Pixar films will beat any film made by a different animation studio - Finding Nemo wins.

Two very good films. I'll go Nemo.

Despicable Me had a much more beautiful story of a heartless villain realizing that he does have a heart and coming to love 3 young girls as if they were his own children. Finding Nemo is just generic drama.