Finding Nemo vs. Up



As much as I love Finding Nemo, Up is more emotional, more powerful, more adult.

Finding Nemo>>>>>>>>>>>> Up

My two favorite Pixar movies, right here. (I've finally decided that I do like Up just a little more than WALL·E...)


I have to go with Nemo, mostly because it left a better first impression on me than UP. Both great movies.

Trying to choose between Pixar films is masochistic. But Finding Nemo wins here by a hair. BTW JohnMason, WALL·E is the greatest movie ever made :D

Up had significant emotional heft and was quite fun, but, like Monsters, Inc. and A Bug's Life, it lacks that extra something that makes Pixar's other movies so great. It's hard to quantify that extra something. Finding Nemo has it, though, as well as a little nostalgia working in its favor. Watched it, as well as The Curse of the Black Pearl and Citizen Kane, back in junior high when we had nothing left to do in class before summer break. Nothing like winding down the school year with movies like them. Generally, I'm lucky if the movies I see in my classes don't suck.

Finding Nemo is probably the "worst" Pixar movie I have seen so far (haven't seen Toy Story 1/2 and Cars yet), and Up isn't among my favourites, either. Obviously, I prefer it to Finding Nemo, which was annoying at times, though that doesn't mean much. Up starts in a beautiful way, but unfortunately becomes a stereotypical adventure movie with silly gags as the movie progresses.

@Blackmist: How come you have The Shawshank Redemption at #1, then? ;D Meanwhile, let me just say that both WALL·E and Up are just out of my Top 20. @CeeTee: Oh...dude...

I'm still not in love with the anthropomorphic dogs in "Up," but Carl Fredrickson is one of the most accessible movie characters of recent years. His loss, his sacrifice...the choices he's forced to make...this is what life is all about, folks. Pixar nailed it.

@John Mason: I haven't had WALL·E go up against Shawshank yet on Flickchart yet. They are kind of tied for my favorite tho.


Up, Up ,Up....yes Up.

@Blackmist: Makes sense. ;-)

Finding Nemo wins this match-up. Sorry, but I have to say that UP wasn't written anywhere near as well.

UP takes this one...the montage of Carl & Ellie is the clincher.

Finding Nemo wins here and not just because I own an aquarium

What an evil thing to have to pick between Up and Nemo...Picked Up because I like it just a little bit more right now.

@minlshaw: The dogs are NOT anthropomorphic, which is part of the genius. Personally, I thought Pixar nailed "dog" just as much as they nailed everything else in Up. The dogs are hilarious.

Finding Nemo always struck me as one of Pixar's weakest films, and it's the only one I'd call overrated. Still, it's fun to watch, hilarious at times, and emotionally satisfying. Up, on the other hand has everything Finding Nemo has, and more. Plus, you can't beat that first 20 minutes of Up.

Madness! Up destroys Finding Nemo. I know I'm in the minority but apart from Ratatouille, Up is leagues ahead of any other Pixar flick.

Up is one of the best Pixar movies without a doubt.

The opening sequence in Finding Nemo was good, but the one from Up is one of the most touching scenes in any movie I've seen.

Nemo > Up. Up's 2nd half just doesn't measure up.

Up. But both are fucking fantastic.

Of the 8 Pixar movies I've seen so far, Finding Nemo is my least favorite of the bunch. I simply don't find it to be very good. I'd put Up in the top five, behind the three Toy Story movies and The Incredibles.

Since my last comments here, Up has clawed its way past Finding Nemo to #6 on my chart. I am in love with this movie.

It's got to be Finding Nemo and Finding Nemo it is

soooooo hard but I cant get UP out of my hard its brilliant.

UP > Nemo

Nemo >Up

Finding Nemo is the better pixar movie

Up has a better story. Finding Nemo is carried by it's visual splendor and awe, but Up is carried by one of the greatest emotional stories in an animated film.

Love them both. I'm taking Nemo here.


Not into Up. I mean, these talking dogs are silly as hell. And that "Flying House" story...too childish. And these first 15 minutes were overrated. Sad? Not even. Watching Finding Nemo for the first time is a hell of a movie. Maybe, it doesn't measure up on re-watches, but no matter what it's better than Up. Still under 8.

Both are in my top 5 favorite Pixar movies, but I enjoyed Finding Nemo a little more

Finding Nemo wins here.

Both are great Pixar films, but Finding Nemo is the better effort here.

I'm going with Finding Nemo.