The Girlfriend Experience vs. Chloe



It's fitting to get this matchup. If you've seen them, then you would know that they both feature subkect matter about high-proced escorts. The Soderbergh film is more organic while the Egoyan film is more narrative based. The win easily goes to GFE. Chlor just feels like its trying to be GFE stylistically most of the time. Toronto is not New York no matter how you light it, Mr. Egoyan.

I'd say it's a superficial comparison. GFE is sort of a character profile of a high-end prostitute that also explores ;larger themes whereas Chloe is more of an artsy version of the classic B-movie obsessed psycho plot we've seen a million times from Fatal Attraction to Single White Female to The Crush to Swimfan, etc. Granted, this is a more mature take on the formula and Atom Egoyan as well as the excellent cast elevate the material significantly but it still doesn't hold a candle to GFE.

The Girlfriend Experience is superficial and dull. It's a portrait of what might (or might not) happen to a high class hooker in New York, if that hooker happens to have a boyfriend. More like a series of vignettes than anything plot driven. Chloe is far from perfect, but at least something happens.