Three Colors: Blue vs. Three Colors: Red



Such a hard choice. You have Binoche's performance in Blue, and the sheer brilliance of Red. Both absolutely beautiful films, but I give the slight edge to Red.


I love them both but the Binoche performance tips me in favor of Blue.

I prefer Red for Jean-Louis Trintignant's performance. Also aesthetically Red is the better film in overall theming with the color red. Binoche is very good and better than Irene Jacob in Red but in the end Red is the meatier picture.

In the most recent version of the legendary Sight & Sound Poll, only one of these films made the list of the top 10 films of the 1990's, and that film was rightfully BLUE.

These are both masterpieces but I have to go slightly with Red.

I think as a film, Blue is much stronger (and it's also the darkest of the trilogy) but Red is magnificent as well.

Both are incredible films and my two favorites of the trilogy. Red has my favorite Kieslowski actress in Irene Jacob but I believe Blue to be more of a masterpiece. How it didn't get nominated for one oscar is beyond me! Blue is brilliant.

Blue, if only because it's the one more relevant to me. But both are essential. I love the ending of Red.