La La Land vs. Moonlight



Ah, the two Golden Globe winners that'll likely go head-to-head in the Oscars. La La Land crushes it due to FAR superior pacing.

La La Land was a much more entertaining film

And... Called it. Both of this films will be duking it out for Best Picture

moonlight blew la la land out of the water

I'm with tsarder on this one. Moonlight was better on almost every level. I'd only give La La Land the nod in some of the technical and design categories.

Going with La La Land here

La La Land.

La La Land was much better overall. The only thing that didn't work with Moonlight, for me, was the third act.

To quote the Godzilla movie... "Let them fight." They should have thrown down and last person standing took home Oscar.

And the Oscar for Best Picture goes to... ... ...

I really can't see any rational for saying La La Land was better than Moonlight other than in consideration of those who just love musicals out of all proportion. Even then though, musical lovers should know it is nothing like Astaire and Rogers for dancing, nothing approaching Donen, Demy or Minnelli for images, Fosse for choreography, forget Busby Berkeley and so on. Truth is, the Coen brothers had way better singing, dancing, choreography and everything else in Hail, Caesar!; and this year, even if few took notice. Maybe new musicals are overrated because they barely make them anymore. Still, Chicago winning best picture looked horrible at the time and worse now. This would have been similar. The award shows do a horrible job in general but Moonlight was a worthy nominee and no embarrassment, even if not the best film of the year which I believe I hailed earlier. Really, La La Land is a bag of Skittles and Moonlight is really good steak but not everybody wants substance. Everybody Wants Some!! Now that's another movie that's way better than the two being discussed here. I guess people just don't pay attention to auteurs (Silence for Scorsese) exclamations or something.

I had mixed expectations for La La Land and it blew them out of the water in almost every department, can't think of anything I didn't like about it or didn't work for me. Had higher expectations for Moonlight, which were mostly met, particularly in the acting, writing, music and editing department, but I don't think the story pacing worked for me. La La Land wins, but I admire both and consider them worthy contenders of the last awards season.

Moonlight was great but the last 5 mins felt abrupt in my opinion. La La Land gets my vote.

La La Land is a schmaltzy narcissism festival that thinks it's a new Casablanca. What drove the lovers apart in Casablanca? World War II! What drove them apart in La La Land? It would've been inconvenient for Gosling to go to Paris for a while. Nothing happened in La La Land to make me root for either protagonist and in five years, I'll likely forget I saw it. Moonlight is a deeply complex story that uses visual poetry to teach about myriad kinds of adversity and the way society expects people to just accept their lot with quiet dignity rather than express their emotions. It's silly to compare the two. Moonlight wins.

Right next to each other in my top 20, la la land wins.

la la land's ending is a clear homage to les parapluies de cherbourg, but vastly inferior, imo. in that movie, the lovers actually mature, but ryan gosling acts like he hates his wife for no reason. moonlight's excellent

Moonlight is just an unrelenting downer. La La Land had plenty of joy to go along with the melancholy. It made for a much better viewing experience (for me).


La La Land was the superior film in every aspect. Moonlight had a weak third act.

Moonlight's third act was weak, but the power it achieved in the first and second acts gives it a razor thin edge here.

La La Land easily....

I love both but c'mon La La Land stomps

Both are completely different, it all depends on what you're looking for. La La Land for fun and Moonlight for realism. I think the deciding factor is La La Land's consistent tone and entertaining pace paired with Moonlight's weak third act. La La Land wins.

I love both but La La Land is my favorite movie of all time