Return of the Jedi vs. Raiders of the Lost Ark



Yikes... I think I have to give it to Indy.

Raiders. That's easy.

This one is so easy. Over the years I have been becoming less and less impressed with Jedi.

Jedi was my favorite Star Wars movie when I was a kid. I've matured into an Empire Strikes Back fan. But that's Star Wars for you: Really, the entire saga is aimed at kids. Indy is just as fun, but it appeals to me more as an adult than Star Wars did when I was a kid.

This is not hard at all, like I thought it might. 'Raiders' is too much fun.

I have to go with Return Of The Jedi here. It's the real closure to the series and the only that we'll properly get, and while I love ALL the Indiana Jones movies.. the Lost Ark is my least favorite of the original trilogy.

Star Wars for sure... We're talking the original trilogy here...

Indiana all the way. Return of the Jedi is the weakest of the original trilogy of Star Wars, and Raiders the strongest of it's original trilogy. Plus Indy is just plain great.

i thought this one would be tough. but nope. Indy without hesitation. and i'm a big Star Wars fan.

Indiana Jones of course!

Hard hard hard hard hard. I think I am going to go with Return of the Jedi. The final battle in Return of the Jedi will be in my mind forever.

Raiders of the Lost Ark by a big margin. Return is still good, but is the worst out of the original trilogy. Raiders for the win.

Worst of the original trilogy vs. the best Indy.

Raiders of the Lost Ark wins for this one. The only Star Wars movies that is better than Raiders of the Lost Ark is Empire Strikes Back and A New Hope.

easy. easy, easy, easy, easy.... or is it? yes, definatly easy. Indy beats Luke!

IF this was against A New Hope or The Empire Strikes Back than this will be a challenge but its not, so Raiders of the Lost Ark wins.

I gotta give it to Return of the Jedi, just pure Star Wars entertainment

I've been more critical of ROTJ lately and it doesn't hold up as well as the others do in the original trilogy. It's still a good film, but it can't hold a candle to Raiders.

Both in my top 10. But only one of them is in my top 3 and its Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Changing to Return of the Jedi.

I'm surprised that someone would actually pick ROTJ in this matchup. Raiders is just so much better in every aspect, I find it hard to believe that one could think that it should lose to episode six of Star Wars.

Very tough choice, but gonna give it to Return of the Jedi. Neither is my favorite in their respective trilogy, actually both are second, but I guess I just prefer the space opera.

Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Raiders, and it's not even close.

Return of the Jedi.

Jedi is the best Star Wars movie is my book and it wins.

Return of the Jedi wins for me.

Raiders doesn't have Ewoks...both in my Top 10 nevertheless but Raiders is more iconic and more awesome

Definitely Raiders. Jedi is still very very good.

Nostalgia means Jedi over Raiders..

Oh gosh. Return of the Jedi.

An end and a start to the two greatest trilogy's ever made. And YES, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull never happened. Aha, going with Raiders here.

As someone who grew up with Star Wars and not Indiana Jones, I would have to go for Return of the Jedi. Raiders is still a very good film and definitely the best in the series, but it's far from my favourite film of all time, whereas ROTJ is in my top 20. Yes it may have had ewoks, but Raiders had an underwhelming middle act, and though Raiders may be the "better" film (aforementioned middle act aside), ROTJ was much more emotionally satisfying and entertaining in my book.

This is too close for my comfort, Raiders wins big!!!

Any other star wars in the trilogy would beat it but raiders is superior to return of the jedi by a bit. They're touching each other in my flickchart

Wow. The weakest Star wars Against the best Indiana Jones, sorry Jedi.

What else can I say? All of the characters we love have grown up and they are epic.

Look, the Star Wars trilogy is amazing, just three of the finest films ever made but (for me at least) Raiders is a better movie than Return of the Jedi, which for me probably is the weakest in the Holy Trilogy (even though that`s not saying much since it`s freakin`Star Wars!). If this would`ve been Empire VS Raiders, Star Wars would`ve had the edge. Now, however, it`s not Raiders VS Empire it`s Raiders VS Jedi so Raiders stands as the winner in this matchup.

Raiders even though I really like Star Wars.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Both are at the same quality for me so this one is tough. I will pick Return of the Jedi

Lightsabers beat whips

Both are all-time favorites, but I consider Raiders the best of all-time.

Return of the Jedi is a very good movie with some great moments. Raiders is a great movie.

raiders. Wtf was going on on Endor?

Ooh, tough one! I've always been more of a Star Wars guy than an Indy guy. But, as much as I love Jedi, I know it has flaws. It also has some scenes that are just plain dumb (mainly scenes at Jabba's Palace and scenes on Endor). On the other hand, I don't really have any major issues with Raiders, so I guess it wins.

Like I said, I've always been more of a Star Wars guy, so I could definitely see myself changing my mind on this one.

Raiders by a mile. Jedi was just loved because it's one of the three first Star Wars.

Raiders easily

I really don't like Jedi, it's my least of the original trilogy I think TFA is better. So my vote goes to Raiders. It's more rematch able.

Yeah, Raiders dominates. Love Jedi but the fact that it's Top 10 globally strikes me as a bit absurd.


raiders is on the same kevel as anh