Return of the Jedi vs. Back to the Future



Difficult decision, but Jedi is really fantastic... Sorry Marty!

Had to go with Doc. Even when I was 10 the Ewok rave bothered me.

It's a tough choice, but the geek in me has to go with the Force.

I give the edge to Lando.

The least of the original trilogy has to lose to the original brilliance that is Back to the Future.

So be it. Jedi.

I never understood the appeal of Star Wars. Back to the Future is the superior trilogy.

Inconsistent time travel rules are a pet peeve of mine. I have to go with ROTJ.

Nothing beats that massive spacefight, ROTJ for me.

Star Wars beats any other trilogy, except The Godfather (parts I and II only), and Episode IV is the best movie of all time, so...

Seriously? If we were talking about Empire here, maybe, MAYBE I could see it. (Not for me personally, but I could see it.) Look, I loved Star Wars as a kid, and those movies still hold a place in my heart, but Back to the Future is a classic. Jedi is a grand movie (and at least Lucas didn't direct it), but Back to the Future is Top 20 material. Jedi hasn't even cracked my Top 100.

No choice here. Return of the Jedi made me want to kill puppies.

I have to go with Jedi, because it's in the original Star Wars trilogy.

The completion of Luke Skywalker's character arc, or the beginning of Marty McFly's? Carrie Fisher in the gold bikini or vamping Lea Thompson? The mentoring of Doc Brown or Yoda & Obi-Wan Kenobi? Ewok song or Huey Lewis? Flickchart, you make me think...

Back to the future for me.

At the moment it´s Return of the Jedi for me. The ending of a great trilogy wins against the beginning of a great trilogy.

I'm going with back to the future on this one, because George pissed all over his trilogy by ruining it with stupid computer enhancements and three prequels that never should have been made.

Why don't you make like a tree and get out of here?!

Fear Admiral Akbar....

This one is easy. Back to the Future.

Gotta go with Back to the Future on this one.

Back to the Future is much better than Return of the Jedi.

Oh man. Well. Out of the two great Lucas trilogies, Indiana Jones will always beat out Star Wars for me. But man, Back to the Future is such a brilliant trilogy all in all. Each of those films hold up on their own separately better than Star Wars does, but Empire might beat out all three Back to the Future. Jedi is, in my opinion, the second best of Star Wars so I'm gonna have to go with BttF for this.

Both are amazing, but I prefer Star Wars.

Return Of The Jedi

Like the both but i think ROTJ is a little bit better.

I have to go with Back to the Future. I love the Star Wars franchise but Return of the Jedi has never really be a favorite of mine.


ah what should I choose lets just have my arrow decide

Very good matchup. BTTF for me.

I'll go Back to the Future for now, but i'll go change my mind when i watch it again.

Great Scott!

Return to the Future.


Nah, BttF actually


I love both movies. I also love Return of the Jedi more than most people (it's near my top 10) so it squeaks by Back to the Future.

I'll go with Marty on this one...

Back to the Future certainly beats the weakest Star Wars film. .


Return of the Jedi is my without a blink choice.

Back to the Future>Return of the Jedi

Return of the Jedi

Back to the Future for now.

Back to the Future with ease.

Back to the future is generally superior here.


Take me Back to the Future

@Charyou_Tree caught in 4k lol. Lol

Love Back to the Future, but not as much as I do with Jedi.

Love Back to the Future but it doesn't stand a chance against the OT.

RETURN OF THE JEDI wrapped up the original trilogy, while BACK TO THE FUTURE set in motion another terrific trilogy, handling a time travel story very well and creating one of the best comedies of all time. RETURN OF THE JEDI wouldn't make my top 3 within its own franchise.

Return of the Jedi is a terrific movie but it doesn't even come close here, A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back is a different story but Back to the Future owns here