Return of the Jedi vs. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom



Man this is a tough one , It really does depend on the mood i am in

This is ridiculously complicated! My head may explode!

This is rough - because they're both the worst of their respective trilogies. But which is more terrible?

The Temple of Doom benefits enough from having someone other than George Lucas at the helm to put it above Return of the Jedi. When I say benefit, though, I mean it does not suck to as great a degree, as I feel there are no better examples of overrated trash than these two.

These are both great movie (in my opinion), but I have to go with Temple of Doom due to it's lack of muppets. haha

Man, some harsh comments on these. Return of the Jedi was absolutely my favorite movie when I was a kid, and I've always liked Temple of Doom, even though its nowhere near Raiders and Last Crusade. As of right now, though...we'll see how I feel when Lucas hits us with Indy 5, but Kingdom of the Crystal Skull did not yet do enough damage to diminish my love for Indy, while the Star Wars prequels (and animated series, and every other damn thing that's come along) have severely dulled my love for Star Wars. That's as good a reason to choose TOD as any, I guess. (Though, something tells me if I actually sat down with this as a double feature, I'd go the other way...)

johnmason: I completely understand what you're saying, but your parenthetical statement speaks volumes. Yes, the "Indy" character might be the best of the two series (though, I'd put Vader right there), but when's the last time you sat down with the coke-addled hot mess that is Temple of Doom? The stereotypical Chinese kid? The human sacrifices? The unnecessarily disgusting and ridiculous dinner scene? Indy getting hypnotized and voodoo-dolled? The child labor? AND THAT ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE, FINGERNAILS-ON-CHALKBOARD ANNOYING KATE CAPSHAW? Criticize RotJ (or for that matter, Crystal Skull) all you want, but it wasn't nearly as psychotic as Temple of Doom was; in my mind, this matchup isn't even close.

It's quite difficult to choose between these two films. But I gotta give it to Indiana Jones and the temple of Doom because it doesn't have ewoks in it.

This is quite horrible so I'm going to put it up to Ewoks vs. Willie. I'm going to have to go with the Ewoks in this case.

Going with Return of the Jedi by a nose.

Yeesh. I don't really like either film, but at least Return of the Jedi wasn't annoying. Temple of doom is one of the most annoying movies I've ever seen...I feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten cop, screaming to Short Round and Willie Scott: "SHUUUUUUUUUUUUUT UUUUUUUUUUUUP!"


Return of the Jedi wins big time, Temple of Doom is one of the worst movies ever. Star Wars is by far supirior.

Jedi with the victory. But least Temple of Doom is better than the Crystal Skull...

I don't like going against Short Round and chilled monkey brains, but Return of the Jedi is just flat-out better. That one Ewok that got killed by the Imperials still gives me the sad-face. Poor little furball.

Return of the Jedi wins, even though i havent seen Raiders i know for a fact that Star Wars beats Indiana Jones.

Really hard choice. Temple is a much bigger part of my childhood, personally, and it is totally underrated and a helluva lot of fun. Return of the Jedi is probably better though...

Two films considered the worst of their respective trilogies. Jedi seemed to have less energy than Temple, both films had some bad additions (Willie, Shortround, Ewoks). Jedi had the overall stronger supporting cast and villains.

Temple of Doom stands on its own without necessary reference to the other films with its main character. Return of the Jedi benefits from having the built-in and built-up resonance from the previous two films. If Jedi was the first SW film you saw would you have found it as entertaining? There are lots of reason to hate TOD, but once it gets started it is unrelenting until the end.

Eeeeehhh, I don't think that's a good argument. That's like when people get A New Hope and Empire in a match-up, and they give IV the win because "without Star Wars, there would be no Empire". It's weak. It's got nothing to do with the quality of either film. I like The Deathly Hallows Part 1 more than I like Temple of Doom. I doubt I'd like it as much if it was the first Potter movie I'd seen, but that's not the case. The question isn't "Which movie would you like more if the situation were B instead of A?" It's "Which movie do you like more?" Now, if you're giving TOD the nod because you enjoy it more, cool. If it's because of its ability to stand on its own, I don't get it.

Well, on that basis, I enjoy the first part of Jedi on Tatooine, and then all the bits with Vader and Luke more than I do TOD, but the rest of Jedi is kind of dull, even though I like the Ewoks. If I adjust my attempt at an objective judgement to remove any nostalgic sentiment, I could argue that neither film is especially good, but TOD aims to be an action adventure, and succeeds better at being that, regardless of all its faults, than Jedi does at being a compelling sci fi fantasy. Were both of these films made for kids? Or maybe, they were made BY (big) kids? And now that many of us who have seen the films are not kids anymore (although there is the Peter Pan exception for screenwriters ;) what should we make of them anymore?

Both are the weakest of their respective installments but still good. Tough decision but I'll go with Return Of The Jedi.

Third Best Star Wars Movie vs Second Worst Indiana Jones Movie. The Nostalgia Critic is right. Temple of Doom is easily "The Phantom Menace" of the Indiana Jones Series. Willie Scott = Jar Jar Binks Short Round = Young Anakin Indiana Jones = Han Solo The Choice is clear is that Return of the Jedi is alot better than Temple of Doom.

Two most underrated films in their respective series's in my opinion. Jedi takes it.

I Like Return of the Jedi but I don't love as much as The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: A New Hope. You can tell that the Star Wars Series started to go downhill with Return of the Jedi way back in the Summer of 1983. Return of the Jedi > Weak Special Editions > The Phantom Menace > Attack of the Clones. In my opinion, 1983-2002 was a very dark time for the Star Wars Series for 19 long very dark years. So, Temple of Doom wins over Return of the Jedi by far.

bjonesb18b - Wat r u doin - bjonesb18 - STAHP. Stop copying me, dude!

Two marvellous 80s films. Return of the Jedi wins easily though.

I didn't like Return of the Jedi that much but I really Hate Temple of Doom so much. So, Return of the Jedi is alot better than Temple of Doom for me.

Weakest of both Trilogies. Temple of Doom is alright but Return of the Jedi is alot better.

"I really hate Temple of Doom so much"? "Return of the Jedi is a crap Ewok movie"?

Short Round vs Ewoks... Short Round for me

Temple of Doom is extremely underrated, and I just re-watched it yesterday. Return of the Jedi is my least favorite Star Wars adventure, but that's not saying much considering it's my favorite trilogy. ROTJ wins.

I think as a kid, these may have been the two movies I watched more than any others. The funny thing is, each one is only the third best in their respective franchise. However, both are among the tops ever. Two of the greatest film series ever. As for this pick, I will take Return of the Jedi. The battle sequences at the end are the best in the trilogy.

This is a tough choice for me. I think as a kid, Return of the Jedi was the Star Wars film I watched the most, while Temple of Doom was the Indiana Jones film I watched the most. I will take Temple of Doom for now.

Temple of Doom is a lot of fun, but I'll go for Jedi.

Any Star Wars > Indiana Jones.