Return of the Jedi vs. Taxi Driver



Well... the Scorsese film is wonderfully free of Muppets

oh snap! Return of the jedi is mayhaps not a better film,but the movies I like more

Oo very close but I think I'll sigh with Taxi Driver here

I hate Return of the Jedi. Or, I should say that I hate all the parts that don't involve Luke and Vader. That's a lot to hate. Taxi Driver is one of my favorite all-time films. I understand that some people enjoy Sci-Fi more than gritty urban dramas about psycho cab drivers. Even if that's the case I still cannot think of any reasonable arguments as to why Jedi is remotely as good as Taxi Driver. Jedi is derivative, way too silly and has none of the heart that made the original Star Wars memorable.

Taxi Driver is certainly the "better" film in this matchup, but it's just so damn harrowing that I don't feel much urge to see it over and over again. With Return of the Jedi, I do feel that urge. Whatever its flaws, it does provide the conclusion to the greatest saga in cinema history. For that, I say it wins.

I'm going with Return of the Jedi. While it's definitely not my favorite Star Wars film, it does offer a great conclusion to the saga is simply a film I find myself re-watching more. While Taxi Driver is for sure a classic, I just don't feel as strongly about it as I do Star Wars.

Taxi Driver and it can't be even a contest.