Return of the Jedi vs. No Country for Old Men



Yeah, No Country even beats Return of the Jedi. It's that good.

No, no it doesn't. Even with the Ewoks 'Jedi' is nowhere near a huge misstep of filmmaking like 'No Country for Old Men' is. If my fiance hadn't fallen asleep during the film I probaly would have walked out.

No way No Country is better than Return Of The Jedi...

Nope, not even nostalgia can make me vote against No Country for Old Men.

Return of the Jedi is a pathetic joke compared to No Country for Old Men. It takes a special sort of blind loyalty to the Star Wars franchise for someone to to defend Jedi with any degree of seriousness. Yeah, maybe you thought it was cool when you were a pre-teen, and it gives you warm feelings of nostalgia, but Jedi is an awful failure when compared to the first two original Star Wars movies. It drops the ball in so many ways, and was so creatively bankrupt that it used the Death Star a second time. Jedi is little more than slapstick buffoonery, worn out ideas, and missed opportunities. No Country for Old Men wins a hundred times over, as would many other movies when compared to the abortion that is Return of the Jedi.

Neither impressed me on my first viewing, but I have the desire to give No Country for Old Men a second chance, while I will do everything in my power to avoid watching Return of the Jedi again.

Why would you have me make this choice flickchart! Unkind!

The Coen Brothers, in my opinion, have an uncanny knack for making films that I can't dissect or assess properly as good film or bad film. Last time I saw No Country For Old Men I thought it was needless violence dressed up in the grab of a profound film. I should really see it again but for now the win belongs to Return of the Jedi.

Return of the Jedi. Classic Star Wars.

Jedi power


no country

No doubt...Jedi...

No Country pretty easily.


Yes, No Country for Old Men is that good.