Return of the Jedi vs. 2001: A Space Odyssey



Wow, what a match-up. Two of the greatest Sci-fi movies against each other. I'm going to go with Return of The Jedi... Because I love Jedi's!

Argh! 2001 is probably the better movie, but i enjoy the Jedis more!

2001 is brilliant filmmaking. Jedi is fun but I love everything Kubrick!

cant decide.


I'm glad I rewatched 2001. The first time I watched it didn't really like it to be honest, but on my second viewing I really liked it. That being said it gets trampled by Return of the Jedi which is currently my #2.

2001 > any Star Wars movie

Return of the Jedi. I enjoy 2001, but it doesn't top the original trilogy.

Nostalgia vs quality! Return of the Jedi is the only film in the original trilogy that isn't in my top 10. In fact, top 50. 2001 is currently 4th on my chart.

Still go with Return of the Jedi

I'm with nononsense here. I thought these Star Wars movies, even the original trilogy, were kinda dumb. Not sci-fi at all. Well, not my cup of tea I guess. At least a half of the Stanley Kubrick movies were superior than ANY Star Wars movie. Even Empire. And btw, Jedi was way mediocre.

2001 easily...

Both are among my favorite movies ever made, one of the best movies ever made. Loved Jedi more but these are the two best Sci-Fi movies ever.


2001 is the best Sci-fi film of all time.