Rocky IV vs. Rocky III



This is a tough one, but I think three wins because of the Mr. T factor

The training montages in Rocky IV were epic.

"Eye of the Tiger" beats "Hearts on Fire".

4 is awsome and a lot of fun but the third again is my favorite

Rocky III I think is where they should have ended it and when Rocky IV came along I said that this is where it all goes down hill.

This is tough. Rocky III maybe?

Like both, but gotta go IV.

Caesar tell the truth. Geez, I can't decide. I think, Eye of the Tiger give the edge to Rocky III.

Two of the best Rocky sequels, but IV it is.

Really close for me. I loved what they did with Apollo in the third film, plus it has Eye of the Tiger, so it gets my vote.

Rocky 3 is great, emotional and probably the film I watch the most in the series, even if it isn't my favourite! Rocky 4&5 massively set the franchise back. Thankfully 'Rocky Balboa' and 'Creed' reminded me why I'm a fan of the franchise.

Man, I just love both of these. But IV is just all kinds of epic...

IV totally jumps the shark, and then some. That does not make it bad, but III is definitely better. Eye of the Tiger, Mr. T and Hulk Hogan as Thunderlips (!!!). Rocky III, for sure.

Though I do enjoy ROCKY IV, ROCKY III wins this one easily. The story in III seems to be a very natural progression from where II left off. I love Mr. T as Clubber Lang as well.

Rocky IV might be more entertaining, but Rocky III is the better movie.

Rocky I>Rocky IV>RockyII>Rocky III>>>>>>>Rocky V

Don't like either of them as much as the first two but they're both still good. IV wins