Rocky IV vs. Pulp Fiction



the one where rocky goes to russia...the one where butt rape happens

Pulp Fiction is the better film, but Rocky IV is so ridiculous it's endlessly rewatchable.


Rocky IV gets beat to the Pulp in this engagement.

I hate Tarantino's movies!

Rocky IV is immensely entertaining, but Pulp Fiction is just on another level direction and acting wise, and almost floors the Rocky series in every category.

really Like Rocky 4 but it cant take down the original and darkly funny and super violent Pulp Fiction.

Pulp Fiction blows away all the the Rocky films for me.

Is this supposed to be close? Pulp Fiction of corset.

#PrayForRussia #PrayForMoscow


Pulp Fiction is obviously better than Rocky IV. It is obviously better made. Pulp Fiction is #2 on my list. But in terms of pure entertainment, it is actually pretty close between the two.