Rogue One vs. Star Wars: The Last Jedi



Being a fan of the original 3 movies i thought they did a good job with Rogue One, i really enjoyed it. Still think i am going to go with TLJ for now though.

Did a great job on both these films. Rogue One has a more in-the-trenches feel to the fight against the Empire, whereas The Last Jedi subverted from expectations and branched out in a totally different direction to its predecessors, while still subtly retaining the spirit of Empire Strikes Back.

Part 4 of my "versus Last Jedi" discussion-thing going on. Rogue One and Last Jedi are a little like Guardians Of The Galaxy. It may look like a space opera. but since it’s only made for entertainment, once you think about it you really realise how hollow it is and how many plot holes there are. Except, people don’t tend to notice any of Guardians problems because it’s Marvel and not meant to be taken seriously. Star Wars is a franchise known, not for action or special effects (although, they were groundbreaking in that department), but for its deep themes, deep conflict and characterisation. Last Jedi and Rogue One includes none of these. Remember in the Original? Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru died and how does Luke react? He looks at it for a moment with sadness, realises that now he can follow his dreams and goes to Obi Wan and says "I want to learn the ways of the force and become a Jedi, like my father before me". That speaks to me more than NOT committing to follow through with characters deaths in favour of killing off side characters, NOT following through with character progression and awkward lines like "Not fighting what we hate, saving what we love". In saying that, I hated The Last Jedi. Incoherent, Force Awakens characters are wasted by more screen time for newer, worse characters, ruins everything The Force Awakens was leading up to, forced humour and just a collection of "oh, this has to happen so we can have a film" moments. Rogue One is average. It lacks a coherent narrative, character development and it also doesn’t follow through with a lot of its concepts (blurred line of good and evil, war setting, etc.) but it has some cool action sequences and good filmmaking on display (minus the CGI re-creations). The Last Jedi just has no soul. I don’t judge movies on how entertaining or boring they are but I thought trapped and held hostage while watching it.


Rogue One, no question. It felt most like Star Wars since Empire.

While I like The Last Jedi, it should have been better. Rogue One is good in it's last 20 or so minutes. I'll go Last Jedi

Ehh, I honestly don't know. They're both as equally lame imo. Whatever's higher on my chart takes it. I just don't care.

The Last Jedi. I love Rogue One, but the Last Jedi had better character development, much better villain, more interesting story, and much more entertaining action scenes. The Last Jedi was just better as a film and as entertainment.

They're very close, both worse than The Force Awakens, which is the one of the three modern movies that didn't forget to have a little fun. The main thing I dislike about Rogue One is how bleak it is, but The Last Jedi did things with major characters that didn't sit well with me. They're winding up pretty close to each other (if not back-to-back) on my chart, but Rogue One wins because its sins are less egregious.

.... A morgue in here. Rogue One>The Last Jedi

I love Rogue One, but the Last Jedi is near perfect for me. The Last Jedi's storytelling, characters, and emotional scenes are handled much better in the Last Jedi than in Rogue One. Plus, the Last Jedi is much more memorable. Both are awesome but I give the edge to the Last Jedi.

I really didn't like Rogue One. Even the third act, which is regarded to be great Star Wars action fell flat to me, because there were no moments in the overall chaos of everything that really stood out. The Last Jedi was just masterful. It was truly emotional, surprising, funny, heroic, grand in scale, yet still very intimate. Last Jedi wins easily.

The Last Jedi was mediocre at best. A dull chase movie. The villains aren't even menacing or interesting. With Rogue One, at least I got to see how the Death Star plans were acquired and faces behind the suicide mission. I cared more about them than I did anyone in Jedi.

I was satisfied with both...

Rogue One is just the worst ... and The Last Jedi is just the best.

Rogue One. Still the best Star Wars film Disney has done

Rogue One !

Rogue One is by far the best Disney Star Wars movie. While not as good as Episodes 1-6, it definitely surpasses Solo, TFA, TLJ, and TROS without effort. All four of those films are so incompetent. They’re characters, plots, and especially world building are just disasters. Rouge One respected the previous world building, had a well paced and logical plot, and characters that had defined personalities and motives. Rouge One beats TLJ, and every other Disney Star Wars film, to death with ease and with no help needed.