Rogue One vs. Star Wars: The Force Awakens



A little too early to say for sure, but at the moment I'll take Rogue One.

Darth Vader drops a cheesy pun. Yeah, let that bullshit sink in.

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Force Awakens is fun and moves the story forward. Rogue One is mostly boring and revels in the past. So that's an easy decision.

Rogue One offers a more 'in the trenches' feel, it puts the WARS in Star Wars, boy.

Both are solid additions to the saga, but what separates them is plot development. Nothing too wrong with Rogue One, but Force Awakens has ANOTHER STINKING DEATH STAR! Abrams couldn't think of anything else except for a bigger death star! C'mon Man! Rogue One wins.

Although Rogue One chronologically revels in the Star Wars past, it oddly feels more progressive than Force Awakens did. Rogue One benefited a lot from being detached from the actual saga and having a third act that DIDN'T directly involve destroying a Death Star, not to mention a plethora of great original characters that, sadly, won't be seen elsewhere. Force Awakens, on the other hand, has YET ANOTHER Death Star, not to mention some actual cast members from the original trilogy. Sure, it moves the story forward, but it has to take SO MUCH from the original trilogy to do it. My choice here is Rogue One.

I'm so glad these new Star wars movies aren't crap like the prequels.

TFA was an overall better movie for two reasons. 1, character development. 2. And better pacing.

Basically, TFA was more fun (despite obvious scenes in its third act), with a bit more levity, something I appreciated watching these with my young son. Rogue One is good, but I'll take TFA for now.

Force Awakens was better overall and a bit less depressing.

I agree with Fiction_Fox in that I find Rogue One to actually be the more groundbreaking movie for the franchise, but at the same time, I felt it severely lacked in the character development department, overprioritizing its action sequences. So I'll take TFA for now.

The Force Awakens wins on characters alone. Rogue One couldn't muster up a single, truly compelling character.

Although The Force Awakens had that fun, adventurous Star Wars feel to it, Rogue One was simply more original and down-to-earth. TFA was too "cookie-cutter" to be more than just a good, mindless movie while R1 lacked in plot development and pacing which resulted in some choppy sequences. They're both solid additions to the Star Wars timeline, I just found R1 to be more compelling.

I'm going to go with The Force Awakens because the main characters never die. Rogue One is a tragedy that all the spin-off characters never survive.

Force Awakens is the better Star Wars movie

Rogue One was one of the most disappointing films I have ever seen! It wasn't terrible or even bad, it was just average. The story was disjointed and by the numbers. The characters and acting was dry and weak. Also, it was soulless. It lacked what made Star Wars great. Action and visuals are nice but I don't watch films for those two. After saying all this, I loved The Force Awakens! The characters were well written, the emotions were high and I feel like it's just the overall better film than Rogue One.

I'd say the best thing about Rogue One is that the story, and the overall feel of the movie, is the most original in comparison to all of the other Star Wars films, while the worst thing about TFA is the completely reused story and feel; not wanting to be any different from the other Star Wars films. I'd say the characters are the best thing about TFA, and the worst thing about Rogue One. The Force Awakens for me.

I'm one who appreciates Rogue One for its very unique and signature style, but unfortunately I feel this movie failed with its characters. In the end The Force Awakens had great heroes and villains, but Rogue One didn't and while Force Awakens may have had a familiar plot it still thrilled me from start to finish. I also feel that people saying Rogue One is better because it is "More Original." doesn't make it better if it doesn't have people I care to watch in it. Force Awakens is a big winner for me.

Ah, the era of DEPRESSING Star Wars. Since they only killed Han and not everyone, it's Force One for the win.

force awakens is better Anyone mind if I drop this here? Anyone mind if I drop this here?

Rogue one is too boring and lack character development, and also humor.

both well made but underwhelming. even though it is outrageously derivative of the original trilogy, the force awakens felt less pointless than rogue one

Tough one, Force Awakens has better character but Rogue One has better action

When Rogue One is the best of the new Star Wars you know that they are messing up BADLY. Wait until Solo messes up the toilet tank...

I have changed my mind. Unfortunately its thanks in large part to the debacle that is the Last Jedi. It hurts TFA on so many levels, which bolsters Rogue One for me now.

I love Rogue One, but the Force Awakens is a near perfect movie for me. The characters were much better in the Force Awakens than the were in Rogue One. Plus, the Force Awakens is more memorable and emotional. The Force Awakens wins.

Neither are really all that great but Rogue One at least had bit more balls.

Rogue One was like the biggest piece of shit ever, The Force Awakens was actually really fun, it had great action, nice characters etc. TFA is miles better

Brave at bats but ultimately either long fly outs or pure strike outs. So much potential wasted.

The Force Awakens all the way.

Enjoyed both well of these to the saga franchise but force awakens is naturally better.

Well, after all these misses and messes they are finally firing Kathleen Kennedy. Maybe crap Star Wars can rebound now?

Rouge One crushes TFA into a thousand pieces. RO wins, no competition. I’ve outgrown TFA, as it’s just garbage.