Rushmore vs. The Royal Tenenbaums



Anderson vs Anderson. Going to go with the more coherent one, Rushmore.

One of my toughest choices. EVER. I've seen 'The Royal Tenenbaum's' more so I know its intricites more and thus, prefer it a litte. However, some time down the road it might just be 'Rushmore'.


The Royal Tenenbaums, Anderson's best by far.

More love for Tenenbaums. Rushmore is lots of fun, but it doesn't quite achieve greatness. Tenenbaums is still Anderson's shining moment: endlessly amusing, poignant, literary, the works. Lovely.

Going to have to go with Rushmore, it has more funny moments. Royal seems more serious. I will say that these two movies are on my top twenty.

I struggle to remember details from The Royal Tenenbaums, Although the Dog painting will always haunt me. Rushmore just makes me smile to think of it. Bill Murray and Jason Swartzman were just wild to hang out with.

The Royal Tenenbaums is one of my favorite movies and my definitely my favorite Wes Anderson movie. His movies, like the Coen brothers' movies, for me always improve drastically with the second watching and The Royal Tenenbaums was awesome the first time I saw it and still managed to get better!

Wes get it started.

Very close; both are really good, and both have their flaws. But my biggest problem with Rushmore is that Max is not particularly likable or sympathetic at times. I realize he's a teenager and as such supposed to be fairly selfish and short-sighted, but some of his actions in the film cross the line. Tenenbaums, while a bit more of a sloppy film, is more rounded and has more pathos.

Oh wow man!

I have seen Royal Tenenbaums twice , I thought it was meh both times. I have seen Rushmore 5 times, still love it.

Classic Wes Anderson matchup. I recently watched both and really enjoyed them and am certain to enjoy EVEN more on a rewatch. As of now, Rushmore has the edge for me.

Only seen each one once and I think I'm going Rushmore. It's close though.

The Tenenbaums feels more refined. Murray takes control, and his range is much greater than a teenage Schwartzman. I'll give Rushmore the better plot, but the execution wasn't quite as successful as Tenebaums.

I've realized that Wes Anderson's quirky, eccentric and idiosyncratic characters are too quirky, eccentric and idiosyncratic for my taste. His comedy is like Woody Allen's but with the awkward level heightened to over 9,000.

tenenbaums is great, but i've never connected to rushmore like anderson's other movies for some reason

Easy choice here....Tenenbaums....