Gigli vs. Battlefield Earth



Now that's just cruel

This requires me to remember two of my most agonizing excursions into cinematic Hell. I loathe both of these movies to such a degree that determining which is worse is like comparing the odors of two piles of dog mess. But, now that I think about it, Jennifer Lopez doesn't perform yoga in Battlefield Earth. So there you go. (Still, Gigli is so terrible that even something that's supposed to be sexy comes across as grotesque.)

Gigli while horrible, when compared to Battelfield Earth looks like Citizen Kane.

Both films are not good, but Battlefield Earth is worse because ego and Scientology went in to make it a reality. Gigli, while a mediocre movie at best, is a film that was a victim of the cutting room floor, and it has its moments, and compared to Battlefield Earth, is actually tolerable. Ultimately, Gigli wins this matchup!

Gigli is probably slightly better, according to some objective aesthetic scale. But Gigli is not even "so bad it's good." And it's dull dull dull. As bad as Battlefield Earth is, which is a lot, I'd much rather watch it than Gigli.

im still taking Gigi- Affleck was better in the film than Travolta was.

As bad as they both are...Battlefield Earth at least has sone so bad it's good's more watchable, provided you can overlook the Scientology influence.

Holy crap! Random draw and get maybe THE two worst movies ever made? How to choose??