Rango vs. Fantastic Mr. Fox



Nice matchup here... Two live-action vets dipping into animated films. Both had similar sensibilities, I think.

Very hard for me. Both are great but I laughed more at Rango. Therefore I have to go for the bent neck lizard.

I quite enjoyed both, but something about Fantastic Mr. Fox just made it more memorable.

I really liked Rango, but Fantastic Mr. Fox wins easily.

Rango was a weird concept and I love the Fantastic Mr. Fox.

I guess I have to throw some Rango love on here. I really like Fox, but I think Rango has humor and great visuals. Fox has quirky visuals, but not what I would call great.

Both had wonderful animation, and they're both the kind of films that are best with friends. I'm going with Fantastic Mr. Fox, but Rango is still solid.

Rango was good, but this isn't close. Fantastic Mr. Fox was awesome and surprisingly hilarious.

I didnt like Rango I dont know why everyone is so exited about it, no question in my mind fantastic Mr. Fox its awesome and surprisingly good (sorry for all my bad writting, im Venezuelan so i dont speak english that good)

Rango is so-so. Fantastic Mr. Fox is awesome. To me, this is fairly easy.

Mr. Fox wins.

Haven't seen Fantastic Mr Fox so... I guess Rango wins. Yeah Rango wins.

Rango is probably the only movie that stakes a sizable claim to both greatest animated film and greatest western of all time.

I like Wes Anderson, but Rango has more substance