To Kill a Mockingbird vs. The Night of the Hunter



Tough choice between two classic films. I like the horror elements in both films, but I give the edge to Mockingbird.

MockingBird has better direction and pace as well as a bigger impact on cinema but Night of the Hunter is masterful scary and interesting the controversy of it proves how great it is and how the film hit hard with its strangeness and subject matter the world wasnt ready for the greatness! Night of the Hunter win for me!

The Night of the Hunter is the most hauntingly beautiful film I've ever seen. It really sucks that Laughton only directed one movie, but at least his filmography is spotless. TNotH wins easily.

Tough choice here as they’re nearly equal. Going with Mockingbird though.

Mockingbird all the way.

To Kill a Mockingbird is a different level story and film. It's an essential for everyone needs to see. The Night of the Hunter is great, but it isn't a film that is culturally impactful like To Kill a Mockingbird.