Up in the Air vs. Juno



Not even my undying love for Ellen Page can convince me to vote for anything but Up in the Air here. Juno is lovably quirky. I can definitely give it that. However, Up in the Air is Jason Reitman's best, and most mature, work yet and one bolstered by fantastic performances all around. And, though I love it, Juno's quirkiness can wear on you at times.

I completely agree with you. I loved Juno the first time I saw it but Up in the Air was even better.


Up in the Air wins this one.

Yeah, Up in the Air for sure. Ellen Page was better in Hard Candy anyway. And Up in the Air has Anna Kendrick. And Vera Farmiga. AND George Clooney....

Let me say that Up in the Air is great. But I had more fun watching Juno. (And, in fact, I had more fun watching Juno the second time; maybe I'd feel different here if I gave Up in the Air another spin...?)

Juno is his weakest for me... which is to say it's just really good. Up in the Air is amazing.

Up in the Air just smashes Juno. Easy one here....

Up in the Air is easily Reitman's best

Up in the Air at number 2 Juno at number 3

Blech. YA and TYFS both piss on these.