Solo: A Star Wars Story vs. Star Wars



on 5/26/2018

The film that started it all vs the one released 2 days ago. Star Wars focused on story, characters, emotion and world building. Yeah, it had great action and impressive visuals but it’s writing is what made it so great. Solo is just another series of action sequences tied together with a weak plot. Yeah, the action is good and the visuals are fantastic; but I need something deeper than that. With Solo, I got what I knew I was going to get but, sadly, nothing more. Maybe one day a writer can save this franchise...

on 6/1/2018

Enjoyed 'Solo' a lot but come on now. It takes a lot to overthrow the original.

on 2/2/2019

YES Star Wars is way better than Solo: a star wars story...and I refuse to call it " A New Hope". It's Star Wars, period.

on 2/6/2019

As much as I like Solo, it can't top the best. Star Wars for sure.

on 5/24/2019

Going with the original.