Solo: A Star Wars Story vs. Star Wars: The Last Jedi



The Last Jedi is not a terrible movie, but it made many choices that were questionable, and some that were just downright stupid. It introduced some new characters that just didn't work for me. One of the things I loved about The Force Awakens was the chemistry between Finn and Rey, but they never even speak a word to each other in The Last Jedi, and he and Rose just don't have that same chemistry. Empire did the same thing (splitting up the characters, while introducing new ones), but did it far better. Then we have Solo, which is basically just an origin story showing how Han, Lando, and Chewbacca all met. It doesn't take risks and it doesn't really bring a lot of new material to the table, but I found myself enjoying the hell out of it. The interactions between characters, the cinematography, the action sequences, and even the score were all fantastic. I have very few issues with Solo, but I will say I enjoyed it far more than The Last Jedi. Maybe after Episode 9 releases and we can all see the big picture, The Last Jedi will get better.

As pointless and soulless as Solo was; it certainly wasn’t as bad as The Last Jedi, my least favourite Star Wars movie. The Last Jedi is a bland chase movie that’s more convoluted and dragged out than what it needed to be and had very little character development, it avoided taking any risks and squandered any of the mysteries from the last movie. Solo was focused and consistent. And, while The Last Jedi failed to leave me in awe with its settings and action; Solo had fantastic action, great visuals and cinematography, as well new and interesting worlds. But, unfortunately, I need a good script and NOT an excuse to jump to another action sequence. It also just had no reason for existing. The new actor for Han is fine but the character lacks that certain annoyance he would normally have and it's just covering things that don’t need to be covered. The 1977 original Star Wars was about mystery and placing you in the middle of the story; now everything needs a backstory. Anyway, I’m getting off-track. Solo wins.

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Solo is ten times better than Last Jedi. Maybe it was lower expectations but I enjoyed the hell out of Solo. There is no SJW agenda that hit the screen. That seems to be intentional bad PR.

This is actually difficult for me. Last Jedi was bold and had some stupid crap in there, but i was entertained. Especially because it took a lot of chances. Solo is all over the place in terms of pacing, story, and its lighting was horrid. Theyre both Average films in my eye. But idk, neither deserve a top 250 spot.

Solo can't carry The Last Jedi's jockstrap, but it's still a very enjoyable movie that's better than it has any right to be. I'm kind of proud of how well Ron Howard was able to guide Solo over the finish line, but The Last Jedi is a 500-foot home run to deep center, while Solo is a hard-fought double down the line.

Well put iSeth! While Solo felt like an enjoyable action movie, Last Jedi felt like an adventurous and daring masterpiece like the original trilogy.


The Last Jedi is a loathsome middle finger to the fans, while Solo is a comfy throwback to the era of the originals. No contest.

Super easy choice

Solo is so much better. Rac said it best: "The Last Jedi is a loathsome middle finger to the fans, while Solo is a comfy throwback to the era of the originals." No contest indeed.

Solo is so much better. Rac said it best: "The Last Jedi is a loathsome middle finger to the fans, while Solo is a comfy throwback to the era of the originals." No contest indeed.

Solo is more Star Warsy than the disappointment that us the Last Jedi.

Solo is fun, surprising, and visually interesting; it also seems totally unnecessary and forgettable. However, I prefer forgettable to the garbage fire that is The Last Jedi, a movie that somehow manages to be annoying, preachy, boring, and uninspired all at the same time. I'm pretty sure Rian Johnson is just a vindictive Star Trek fan who is excellent at trolling.


I disliked Solo. I enjoyed The Last Jedi.

Still going The Last Jedi...

Solo wins. Although ot had some really dumb moments like how he hot his name I found myself enjoying the movie way more than the Last Jedi which was boring had terrible in your face wahman are better social commentary and completely fucked Luke's character. You can say it took risks but jumping out of an airplane without a parachute is a risk doesn't make it any good though. I don't like Rian Johnson. Looper is overrated in my opinion and fuck him for having Chris Evans get covered in vomit in his new film. He thinks vomit humor his funny? Thanks for ruining Chris Evans and Star Wars.

In my opinion, Solo is better than The Last Jedi. I actually enjoyed watching Solo. I found myself kind of cringing watching The Last Jedi.

Even with Solo's many faults they are not as big and many as the Last Jedi's

As much criticism as SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY received, THE LAST JEDI was awful. Many will say that it was great in the sense that it took the old trio of characters in new directions, and took a chance. I don't think that Lucasfilm pulled it off, though. But, in the end, my biggest problem is that I couldn't stand the new trio of heroes. By the end of this film, I wanted the bad guys to win. I just couldn't stand Rey, Finn, and Poe.