The Shawshank Redemption vs. 12 Angry Men



seriously? I have to choose?

"12 Angry Men" for me. I like "Shawshank" alright, but I still don't understand why so many people are convinced it's the greatest movie ever made.

12 Angry Men is like the greatest movie of all times. I have to say Shawshank lose this one, and 12 Angry Men wins here.

Two of the best and two of my top 20 favorite films. Gotta go with 12 Angry Men

Definitely 12 Angry Men. It shows us that even when characters aren't given names, even when the story takes place during one scene, in the same room, with no action, no romance, no sex and all that stuff, that a movie can be an absolutely masterpiece. However, this isn't to say that Shawshank isn't good, its brilliant but 12 Angry Men is just a greater movie to me and more entertaining

12 Angry Men is better

Love em both, but Shawshank wins for hitting on an emotional level.

Two of the greatest films ever. But no film will move me the way Shawshank did, at least as far as I'm concerned.

Excellent matchup. Shawshank is great but I prefer 12 Angry Men.

Shawshank is just too damn good....

The Shawshank Redemption topples over 12 Angry Men which I love, but Shawshank is spec-fucking-tacular.

12 Angry Men gets my vote. But honestly, how could you choose?

I think by a good margin its 12 Angry Men it the way a film should be judged on direction cast and script the tension and mood it perfect the best Courtroom Drama ever made although there are about 5 others that come close.

I'll give the win to Shawshank for being a one helluva film. It went from being a box office flop to being a timeless piece of cinema throughout its 20 year period.

This is the toughest decision on Flickchart. 12 Angry Men is perfect and is a better film, but I prefer Shawshank. It's my #1

(So my pick is Shawshank)

And Shawshank is now my #2

12 angry men

12 angry men

12 Angry Men Far Superior

12 Angry Men easily Shawshank is a masterpiece tho.......

Two classic films here. I'll argue for 12 Angry Men. It's a small scaled film but that's what makes so good. Just focus on character traits, dialogue and crafting tension without a single shot fired. And amazingly it holds on the several viewings! You could say the same about Shawshank, sure, it's moving and has great performances by Robbins and Freedom but I just feel like 12AM is a far more compelling and layered movie!