The Shawshank Redemption vs. The Shining



Sorry, Stephen! Even at your best, you'll never beat your calling-card.

morgan freeman <3

Jack Nicholson > Morgan Freeman

Aw, hell no. Not in anything. (And I love Jack, most of the time.)

Shawshank....It's hard but....Most of all I miss my Friend....

Sorry Kubrick, but The Shawshank Redemption is just the best prison-movie I've ever seen and The Shining is not The Best horror movie.

Shawshank may be the best prison movie, but that's because there aren't so many great prison movies. The Shining is absolutely one of the top 5 horror movies, a much harder honor to come by. The fact is, Shawshank has a fantastic script and an inspirational story but as a work of art its pretty vanilla. On the other hand, I could watch The Shining all day and catch new nuances, and yes, Nicholson's a better actor than Freeman, hands down. But then again, Nicholson's one of the great films actors out there, so that's no insult to Freeman.

love them both....but morgan freeman has my heart <3

Brooks Was Here. So Was Red.


I'm a huge fan of Stephen King's work (read about 16 of his novels so far), but I'm sad to say I have not read either of the two books that these films were adapted from. However, this allows me to judge both films without bias. And Shawshank is the clear winner here in my eyes.

Shawshank is the perfect prison film while The Shining is the perfect horror film, so I guess they both sort of do stand against one another but I gotta go with Kubrick on this one.

Either way,Stephen King wins. Such good stories...but Shining got this.

shawshank wins. I've read both stories, the shining is brilliant, but the film is a little bit overated in my opinion.


shawshank wins

Shawshank Redemption for sure.

The Shining for me. It was a truly surreal experience. It had fabulous direction, a great soundtrack (one of the best ever) and Danny Lloyd who was freaking out of this world. I notice something new every time I see it. Kubrick put in that extra effort to make the viewer feel a touch of dread playing with psychology and spatial arrangements. On the contrary the more I watch TSR, the more I realize how ordinary it is.

Shawshank without hesitation.

Somewhat difficult, but not really... Shawshank wins this one

Shawshank and it really isn't very close.

We are entering Top 5 territory. Shawshank wins.

The Shining was great, and Stephen King is an amazing writer, but he has never written anything that was adapted so perfectly as Shawshank Redemption

now this is a challenge I honestly don't know both in my top 20 but last time I checked shawshank was better ranked

Shining easily

Shining easily. Shawshank is overrated

I think they're both overrated, but for me the powerful story and performances in Shawshank beat out the soulless technical mastery of The Shining easily.

shawshank redemption is forgettably shit and the shining is a horror masterpiece

As much as I like Shawshank, it was just... a movie. At least, fuh me. Nothing really special, just a movie. The Shining, on the other hand, ignited my love for cinema. It's easy.

Shawshank is very good but it’s nowhere near the best of all time in my opinion. Yes, it’s inspiring and incredibly well acted but I prefer something more complex. The Shining is just superb and incredibly complex and surreal! There’s nothing like Kubrick!

The Shining is pretty good, but Shawshank has better here.


Kubrick wins this face off. The Shining is brilliant and chilling.

The Shawshank Redemption is a far better film than The Shining 1980. Some of you people need to get off of Kubrick's jock !

The Shawshank Redemption is easily a better film than Kubrick's extremely overrated "The Shining" movie. Stephen King's The Shining Novel is also much better than Kubrick's terrible movie adaptation of it.

Shawshank is bettet.

Shawshank is better.

Both masterpieces.

Currently, Shawshank is in my top 10, and The Shining is in my top 40, but that might change upon rewatch. But yeah, I'm going for Shawshank for now

Shawshank is in my top 5 while the shining is in my top 20 so this isn’t even close

The best King adaptations. I don't think it is right to compare these 2 movies as they are of different natures, but Shawshank gets my vote.