Model Shop vs. Carnal Knowledge



I guess these are both movies about a guy with relationship issues. It's probably bigger than that in both cases. In Model Shop, he doesn't really seem to know what he wants at all. Or if he does, he lacks the focus and/or desire to achieve it. With Carnal Knowledge, Jack Nicholson is successful career-wise, if I recall, but doesn't have a healthy perspective on women. Maybe he can't be satisfied. I suppose the guy in Model Shop is easier to sympathize with, but not as interesting as Nicholson's character. But as a movie, Model Shop is more entertaining than Carnal Knowledge. I think it's the style of Carnal Knowledge that doesn't gel with me (and maybe Art Garfunkel). I like the story (and Ann-Margret). So, I'd probably me more likely to watch Model Shop again if I had to choose.