John Wick: Chapter 2 vs. Doctor Strange



This made me pause. Doctor Strange is really cool visually. Saw it a couple times in theaters. As a whole I think John Wick Chapter 2 is the better film though. Over years this could flip flop.

strange has more substance, which isn't saying much

Nobody on the face of the planet watches John Wick for the "substance". Both rank among the greatest action in cinema, and while I love certain concepts used creatively for set pieces in strange, Wick is the more realized vision. Strange only becomes badass in Infinity War.

Both John Wick's were crap. Hours of Keanu walking around shooting people in the head. No story and repetitive violence. Doctor Strange outclasses it by a factor of ten.

Chapter 2 is better in almost every way, the only thing Strange is better at, is visuals