Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan vs. Brüno



What! No Ali G?

Borat all the way. Waaay better than Bruno.


Borat was so funny. Bruno was a weak follow up.

Really? I thought Bruno was hilarious. Borat, moreso. But still.

Borat definetly better.

Borat is (and always will be) funnier than Bruno, on TV or on the big screen.

Bruno has its moments, but it was still rather disappointing after Borat which was fantastic, so Borat all the way.

The humor is less manufactured in Borat. "Haha these uneducated Americans are dumb!!" works a lot better when you don't have to twist facts and flat-out lie about a peaceful muslim being a terrorist leader, for instance.

Bruno was hilarious. Borat was genius!

I'll say it again. Hilarious. Even Bruno's detractors HAD to have laughed at the bit with Ron Paul.

Borat with the smash here. Bruno's got some laughs....but not close enough...

Bruno unearthed concealed homophobia very well, I thought it was brilliant. I don't know why so many people hated it. Borat was better though, Sacha seems so comfortable as him.

11-0. Numbers don't lie, let's make it 12. I really liked Bruno, it was fun as hell. But Borat is nothing short of genius!

Borat no Question