The Godfather Part III vs. The Godfather Part II



What kind of question is this? I always looked at it as a trilogy whit some ups and downs in the stoyline, but never as a separate movie... Hmm, I think I'll take part II

Obviously Part II.

Goin' back to the well one too many times. One of the few great #2's to follow a great #1. The only good thing to come of III was possibly Sophia realizing the acting thing wasn't for her and chased her behind the camera. So maybe we can thank III for Lost in Translation. That and Garcia's quiet smoldering. II in a walk.


Part II was so superior.

It's like comparing steak to spam. No-one in their right mind would choose the latter. Part II all the way in every conceivable way!

Part III isn't as bad as everybody says, but it's still a distant third in the trilogy.

Part 3 still hasn't won ANY duel it's been up against in my FlickChart. It's an abomination. Part 2 is amazingly cool and the obvious winner here.

The only thing worse than the Godfather is a sequel to the Godfather.

This is quite possibly the dumbest question I've come across so far. Part II obviously wins against this turd.

The Godfather Part II is obviously better. III is nothing compared to the first two

does anyone like Part 3? i know i don't.

It's a good movie, but it just didn't in no way live up to it's legendary predecessors or as one of the 10 greatest crime films of all time.

III is a great movie, and would be considered more of a classic had it been made without the first two, but the first two are just too perfect. Gotta give it to II

Part III is amazing and criminally underrated, but Part II is the best of the trilogy.

This is a brutal matchup. Godfather 3 is good, but Part 2 is just from another world.

Part II obviously BUT Part III really isn't that awful. It's just... good. Not bad, not great, not up to the standards of the other two. It's just... good.

The Godfather Part III had more cheap melodrama in it than its two predecessors combined. It's safe to say Francis Ford Coppola just didn't have his heart in making the film. The Godfather Part II obliterates it...


I take back what I said about Part III being amazing. I just watched it and it is no where near amazing and no where near the first two. Part II absolutely crushes here.

Part II is the best of the III, I'd go as far to say it's a fair bit better than the first. I think Part III suffers in comparison two the first two, but as a stand alone film it's something of a masterpiece in it's own right. THEY ARE ALL AMAZING! What more can be said?

Part III is severely underrated and honestly a very good final chapter to the series but Part II is superior.II tells such an epic,dark tale simultaneously weaving the story of Vito and Michael.Both are fantastic, but II is better.

Part II for sure. Don't like the third one all that much.

Part II for sure 3 was not good at all

I'm waaay more a Part 1 guy than a Part 2 guy, but I do agree that Part 2 is a masterpiece as well, at least it's close being one. And it's much better than Part 3, obviously. After the rise of a reluctant gangster to becoming the head of a

Mafia family, the history of his father and how his organisation got founded, we now get a story involving stock in a real estate company that's somehow related to a fictional assassination of Pope John Paul I...yeah, not a good idea for a sequel to two excellent crime epics. It's still an okay movie, but nowhere near as good as the first two films. And the less said about Sofia Coppola, the better.

Part 2 is the best in the trilogy might be the best film of all time!

I acutally like Godfather 3 but at times find it boring and underwhelming but Godfather 2 is the best sequel to any gangster film and any 70s film, its a masterpiece!

This one is Part II.

Obviously part II

Part II easily.

HA! easily part II.

Do I even need to say it?

The one without Sofia Coppola.