Rashômon vs. Yojimbo



This is one hell of a clash. Kurosawa and Mifune at the top of their games. I prefer Yojimbo, but not by much.

Hell yes! "Top of their game" is right. But I've only seen three of Kurosawa's movies, so maybe I can't accurately judge. But they're both incredible. Gotta go with Yojimbo though. Badass walks into town, plays two gangs against each other, badass walks out of town. It's simple. But boy, does it kick ass.

Kind of liked Rashomon more, maybe that's because I saw A Fistful of Dollars before Yojimbo. To be frank, I really can't decide, both are good.

Last time I saw Yojimbo, I was dumbfounded by how many contrivances and lame plot convenience I apparently didn't catch or care about years ago. All the behind-the-scenes assassinations, forcefed backstories etc.--like a lot of old Japanese cinema, it has tells too much and shows too little. I can never remember why I'm supposed to care when that gang kidnaps that guy's wife. Then of course, a character blatantly explains it in a later scene, hah. So anyway, it's gotta be Rashomon, though I have my issues with that too.


Rashomon is the more coherent story.

Mifune is more badass in Yojimbo and I also found it more enjoyable overall.

Yojimbo...no question.

Haven't added all of Kurosawa's films to my chart yet, but I must say that this is an easy win for Rashomon.

Love both, "Yojimbo" wins for entertainment and badass Mifune.

Yojimbo may be more entertaining but Rashomon is far far superior.

Ikiru is my favorite Kurosawa film, but these are both in my Mt. Rushmore of his films. Can't really go wrong. Yojimbo is shot better and is more entertaining. Rashomon is one of the best plots ever.

Love both but rashomon my number 3

I found Rashômon more intriguing

Rashomon was more interesting

I enjoyed "Yojimbo" more, so that's the one I choose.