Pokémon the Movie: 2000 vs. Pokémon: The First Movie



Pokemon made one good movie and it was in 1999. Crazy it came up against its unworthy predecessor.

Should I even admit to watching both of these.

To me, the first one is better. Even though neither could really be called high-end cinema (or mid-end, for that matter.), I liked the first one a bit better.


I enjoyed them both immensely when I was a youngster, and to this day I still play the hand-held videogames. I don't remember them all too well, but I think I liked Pokemon 2000 better.

I hate the first movie. It's totally stupid with it's magic tears that make Ash become alive and this big message, that fighting is bad (which doesn't match in this franchise anyway) which Ash and friends all forget in the end anway. Also it's just boring. The second movie however is really cool. The fights between Zapdos, Arktos and Lavados were actually cool, Lugia rocks (also in a trashlike kinda way), and there were a lot of good puns and other jokes. I really like this movie; it's the only Pokémon movie I like.

I still kind of enjoy the Pokémon games. Either that or I *think* I enjoy them, because they are so damn addicting. Anyway, the movies. Forgetable. One had Mewtwo vs. Mew in an arena with evil clone Pokemon or some shit like that and the other had a guy trying to capture the three legendary birds...and Lugia is somewhere in there too. Which one is better? I don't know. I think 2000. From what I can remember, it was more interesting on a visual level...and that's about it. Pokemon the Movie: 2000 takes it. By the way, awful titles.

Dude,i was such a big fan. I used to remember the first 151 pokemon names,sware to god. Nowadays,i still remember some names on the pokedex,but i don't remember NOTHING when it comes to "Pokemon 2000", so i'll have to go with the first entry here,cause i remember it was about a Mewtwo x Mew kind of battle. Sort of.

watched the movies in 7th grade hated them -remember the 2nd one had more wierd characters.