Hostel: Part II vs. Hostel



on 7/20/2009

I have to admit that I liked both of these movies but the first one takes the win for me as it's a lot more original and has a better atmosphere towards the end.

on 1/13/2010

If Hostel hadn't used half it's run time to show partying and tits, it may have beat part 2.

on 4/16/2012

Both are awesome and so different!!!! Can't choose

on 4/16/2012

I'll go with the original. I liked the 2nd one, but I'm just not as comfortable watching women get sliced and diced. Enjoyed both though, for what they were.

on 8/9/2018

I think it's absolutely fantastic (read ironic) that Eli Roth named the sequel Hostel Part II -- like it's supposed to be something of the greatness of Godfather Part II. The original is still the most disturbing flick in the splatter genre, and a brilliant allegory for elite psychopathy in the modern world. Ominous atmosphere, excellent build-up, and by far the most memorable character of the series, Paxton played by Jay Hernandez.

on 8/10/2018

It is better than the Godfather.

on 8/10/2018

^ I find it admirable that you said what you said because you truly believe it, and not because you wanted to contradict me for the heck of it.

on 8/10/2018

Yes with a smirk, I like both. Hostel>Hostel II

on Mar 8

Absolutely hated what they did with Hostel 2. Hostel 2 should’ve been about PTSD-afflicted Paxton being hell-bent on taking down the torture facility in Eastern Europe. In the process the sequel could’ve expanded on the Hostel mythos, and answered questions like who really runs/owns Elite Hunting, how did it start, are there similar illegal facilities elsewhere, what does it say about our world that places like it are allowed to exist, and so much more. More than the gore and torture porn, what really made the original Hostel work (at least imo) was its element of existential horror, the insecurity of living in a world where something so evil and horrifying can be inflicted upon well-meaning individuals. Hostel: Part II got none of that right.