X-Men: Days of Future Past vs. X-Men: Apocalypse



on 5/23/2016

Days of Future Past.


on 5/23/2016

DOFP was a tighter package. Apocalypse feels too much of a "inbetweenquel" of DOFP and the forthcoming retelling of Dark Phoenix Saga. Apocalypse ties the Magneto/Xavier storyline started in First Class, that's the main interest in the film. Even the line in X1 by Xavier about Erik [spoiler] makes kind of sense now, although that is now in an alternative timeline. Apocalypse is just an coulisse to make the movie heavier.

on 5/28/2016

Apocalypse was a great movie, but man, Days of Future Past joined my top 40.

on 5/29/2016

Apocalypse was good, but Days of Future Past remains the crowning achievement of the X-Men franchise.

on 11/16/2016

Do you really thing we'll get a new Dark Phoenix saga film?? I thought they tossed in as much of Jean's Dark Phoenix powers as they could without distracting too much from the main plotline, as an apology for The Last Stand. Anyway, I need to watch DOFP again, but right now it sits slightly higher on my list. I liked Apocalypse over all, but I didn't think there was ENOUGH Magneto/Xavier, and Lawrence's Mystique just gets more and more grating.

on 6/18/2017

Easily Days of Future Past! No Contest. 6-0

on 6/19/2017

Make that 7-0.

on 3/26/2019

Days of Future Past.