X-Men: Days of Future Past vs. Deadpool



How did Fox get it so right so fast? What a turn around since the Origins days. Both of these are truly great films.

I didn't cared for Deadpool. Days of Future Past it is.

Not sure how it will hold up after a rewatch, but I was more impressed with DofP.

DOFP is the far better film.

Both are fantastic. X-Men is the stronger films.

Days of Future Past was overall the better movie. Deadpool was kinda overrated Imo.

Yes, DOFP for for sure and Deadpool is very much overrated.

Definitely Days of Future Past. Deadpool is a fine movie, but it isn't really for me.


Deadpool was fun, but Days of Future Past easily takes this. It's a top 5 superhero movie.

Deadpool is the new bright spot in these Fox X-Men films and should be the focus of redeveloping this world. Days of Future Past is great, but not as good as Deadpool.

Deadpool will dated in a few years because its comedy is made up of pop culture references and Family Guy jokes (I hate FG). Days of Future Past will always be a great comic book film because of its mature themes and characters!

Days of Future Past is better, though Deadpool came close

Days of future past hammers Deadpool..

Both are good movies but I don't think either of them are top-tier X-Men. Days of Future Past takes this in a close fight.