We Are Marshall vs. Remember the Titans



Both of these football films have heart, but Remember the Titans has a whole lot more.

Both use a bunch of ridiculous cliches and garden variety contrivances. Both suffer from excess emotion. We Are Marshall lays it on much, much thicker and suffers because of its gush glut while Remember The Titans manages to be enjoyable despite its weaknesses.

No such thing as excess emotion if done right and both of these films do it right. Based on true stories but We Are Marshall hits home and hits harder. Plus, the actual football in We Are Marshall is done better.

Well I could become the pedantic linguist and say that most any time you qualify a statement with "if done right" it becomes true by default so the statement itself means very little. Or I could be even more pedantic and say that "excess" and "if done right" creates a logical paradox. But that's all bullshit, obviously I'm saying that they haven't been done right. Here are some examples of cliches in Titans: disability immediately after major success, racial tensions being overcome, threatening of childrens' safety, man loses his girlfriend in doing the moral thing, fraternity, dumbass gets into college against all odds... the list goes on. AND that is less manipulative than We Are Marshall. I mean Marshall even had a scene where a guy travels hundreds of miles to make a plea in the middle of a nighttime storm. Not to mention an endless array of montages with powerfull, sombre music for real reason. That kinda crap belongs in a sappy film like The Notebook IMHO. (But I totally agree that the actual football in WAM is superior!) :)

WE ARE...Marshall. Titans is a bit too overboard on the cheese for me...

both really good film - but in my mind [url=http://americanfootballfilms.com/american-football-movie-remember-the-titans/]remember the titans[/url] wins.

I like both but Remember the Titans i like a bit more.

Hmmm... difficult. Both are full of cliches and both pass off as insincere to me. We Are Marshall has slightly more emotion to it, but the casting in Remember the Titans was really spot on. I go with We Are Marshall.