Captain America: The Winter Soldier vs. The Avengers



This has to be the debate when asking to choose between the best of the Marvel films. Both are amazing but in different ways. I think I'm actually voting Cap 2 because it packs more depth.

Come on, man. Don't do this to the Avengers. Cap had a better plot for sure but avengers managed the rest

Damn, Flickchart. That's harsh.

going with cap

Definitely The Avengers.

So very close! The Winter Soldier had a more significant story. But the Avengers had the whole team aspect. Have to go with Joss.

The Winter Soldier is one of Marvel's best, but The Avengers IS Marvel's best.

The Avengers had extremely fun moments, with some memorable action. The Winter Soldier is darker and grittier, providing some awesome firefights with close quarters fighting. Cap takes it, but it's very close.

Wow, this is the match up of all match ups. Both are top of the line genre films. Still say Avengers but it's closer than I was expecting.


Storywise and in terms of character development, Captain America is much stronger, but Avengers was simply more fun, which is why it will get my vote.

It's still The Avengers...but Cap made it interesting...

Both are the pinnacle of the genre to date. Such a tough call but Winter Soldier may actually have the edge.

The best original genre film vs the best genre/action sequel? Cap already beats both Die Hard and at least equals Lethal Weapon because the character has delivered multiple great films. The first Die Hard was superb but every sequel effort has been crazy, poor or just flast out awful. Lethal Weapon had two excellent efforts followed by falling off a cliff.

Cap TWS hits as one of the best of all-time right off the bat but things like Empire Strikes Back and X2 needto be talked about to.

Well, it's not just "loyal fanboys" that are saying it. Respected film critics are directly calling The Winter Soldier "one of the best sequels of all time." Critics like Leonard Maltin. I still vote Avengers overall.

Regardless this is a tough one. The Avengers was amazing while The Winter Soldier was an epic thriller, And had me on the edge of my seat. I'd hate to live off of the difference.

I see some fans and even the ads for this film calling it even better than Avengers but, even though it's very close, I still say Avengers is the best all-time.

This is the new million dollar question. Oh Captain my Captain. Winter Soldier rules the new day.

I'll take the whole hotel over just one room.

It depends on what goes on in that room! What a party the Captain delivered in just "one room."

Iron Man, Avengers, X2, Spider-Man 2 and Winter Soldier now those are the top five genre films of all-time. Just in which order?

I’m glad to see the response to Captain America Winter Soldier has been very positive. I’ve noticed that sometimes expectations are unreasonable or some fans are too attached to their comic book preconceived notions. Sure Cap stayed very close to its root origins but the fact that people are judging it as a film first is great to see. Whatever the reason, it seems everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

The Winter Soldier is definitely one of Marvel's best films to date, but The Avengers is still my favourite from Marvel.

CA: The Winter Soldier is my all time best in my favorites, but on the lead of The Avengers is still the better marval here

Both are great films ..... but one is the grand spectacle with years worth of pent up anticipation leading up to it, while the other is a tighter thriller.

Winter Soldier for me. The heart-pounding, intense action sequences made it more suspenseful than the Avengers, the darker and grittier style makes it feel edgier than the Avengers, the slightly more engaging storyline compared to the Avengers, the twists and turns, the unpredictable narrative and the fact that the story had more depth than the Avengers means that Cap beats it, even though I still love the Avengers!

The Avengers, but I really loved both.

Winter Soldier for me. While not having those surprisingly hilarious moments like the Avengers had, Cap imo was a smarter and more complete film.

Winter Soldier all the way. The Avengers is good but overrated.

The Winter Soldier is most definitely a better film,with more thought put into the script,plot and characters,but The Avengers has just got that magic,man.

Both have the magic. Why do I get the feeling that Age of Ultron will be an exact blending of these two films? My gut says that Whedon will actually be influemced a bit by the Russo's take. Who would have ever thought that?

Damn it...Avengers. There, I've said it.

This is TOUGH.

Captain America: Winter Soldier. One of the best movies out in 2000's.

Captain America: Winter Soldier. One of the best movies out in 2000's.

Wow this is tough man ok i'll say avengers but my decision can very well change on subsequent viewings of the two

The Avengers has it moments, but Captain America 2 all the way. Love it, and I don't love superhero films most times.

How am I reading that Cap has had 2 strong films... The First Avenger is the worst Marvel film I have seen, and would go down as one of the worst superhero films I've seen. So cheesy and poor, so it makes Winter Soldier look like an absolute gem. I did rate Winter Soldier though, but it's not near Avengers.

Cap 2 actually has the better story.

I'll take Room 237 over the whole Overlook Hotel. The why? Less ghosts.

Two of the best MCU films! Winter Soldier had a better story and action but nothing beats the exciting 'Fuck Yeah! We're a team and we save the world!' feeling of the Avengers.

Captain America: Winter Soldier.

After loving both of these for a long time, Cap has edged out The Avengers.

Still two of the greatest movies ever put to film that the genre has ever seen.

Two of my favourite MCU movies. Two of the best superhero movies.

Both are the best but Avengers by far.

the avengers

Winter soldier for me and it’s not even close

i think winter soldier is better but they're close asf

Winter Soldier wins. Better story and action was superb

The Avengers though very close, every character in it was absolutely perfect.

TWS is better by a long shot

Are these gems the number one and number two seeds in the entire MCU pantheon? Great great films.

Avengers isn’t as good as watching it for the first time, Winter Soldier is one of the movies that are still as good as the first watch

Winter Soldier has the better story for me

The Avengers is a decent popcorn flick that doesn't require too much thinking brings all our favorite characters on the screen together. The Winter Soldier on the other hand, has a better story, better choreography and better acting in my opinion.

This shouldn't even be close, let alone Avengers actually WINNING against the best MCU movie?? The movie that started the trend of Marvel being lazy and shit vs the gold standard that didn't follow that trend.

Gonna have to go with Cap with this one no Cap.