Captain America: The Winter Soldier vs. The Godfather Part II



Yes, two of the greatest sequels of all time.

Ha Ha! No. Only one of these is the greatest sequel of all time. The other one is just a good one.

'Soldier is a good film, but greatest sequel of all time material? Come on!

I'll give this to godfather as well, but Winter Soldier is an awesome and solid movie

Hard to say


It doesn't seem right but The Winter Soldier.

Godfather II, and it's not even conceivably close.

Another heavyweight match up. Who would have thought that a few months ago?


Really? How is this even a debate? The Winter Soldier is a good film and fun to watch, but The Godfather II is a MASTERPIECE!! Winter Soldier isn't even in the same league!

Meh. Both are just alright. -Kidding. Really, isn't even close. Winter Soldier is overrated, Godfather: Part II is not.

T2 is the greatest sequel of all time. Winter Soldier is a great movie for sure but It's not really close to Godfather 2

Winter Soldier by far.

Winter Soldier by far.

WTF The Godfather No contest

Even with Winter Soldier being my favorite of the Marvel movies this is no contest. Godfather 2 wins.

not even the dark knight is better than godfather 2 let alone the winter soldier

The MCU are fast food- like movies, made for children. The Godfather films are excellent pieces of mature storytelling that have resonated with viewers for decades. GF2 smashes here.

GF2 by far, TWS is still a surprisingly great sequel compared to the first one