Captain America: The Winter Soldier vs. The Raid



Shit. Raid definately had better action, but Cap surely a better story

Now that I think of it, maybe that still isn't enough to beat the Raid?..... argh....

It's enough for me. The Raid didn't really stick in my memory.

THE RAID. The Raid, The Raid, The Raid. It's like John Carpenter and Jackie Chan fucked and had a baby, and that baby grew up to direct The Raid. It's beautiful, you guys. It really is. Cap 2 was a smashing good time - great cast (I wanna see more of Evans and Mackie - good chemistry between those two), loved the Brubaker/Bourne-ification of the character, and it's definitely near the top Marvel's heap, so far. But The Raid reeeeeally gets the adrenaline going.

Call me stupid, but...yeah, just call me stupid. I didn't dislike The Raid, but..."best action movie ever made"? Eh...did I miss something? I mean, sure, the action scenes are great, but it takes more than a string of pretty amazing action sequences to make me love a movie. Plot was basic, characters were basic, style was basic, it was all just a bit too...basic. Which is completely fine if you like that, "less is more" and whatnot, but I wanted more. I'm a demanding guy, I guess. Besides that, the fight scenes made me a bit nauseous. Again, moving the camera around frantically ain't really my cup o' action film tea, and although it wasn't as bad as in some other films I've seen (Snowpiercer, Elysium, Taken), it still annoyed me. Captain America suffered from that as well, although it wasn't as annoying as in The Raid. And I agree with Ironichipster; The Raid didn't really stick with me. Going with Cappy.

It's all gone to shit.