Captain America: The Winter Soldier vs. Memento



I will take memento

I was impressed with Winter Soldier but it's no where close to Memento.

Memento 3-0

Winter Soldier all day long.

Winter soldier was good... for a marvel movie. Memento is one of the best movies I've ever seen.

Memento is great, but I'm an action junkie so MURICA!!!

Nothing Marvel has ever written (yes, I said written, not just filmed and recorded) can match up to the stratospheric level of quality that Nolan puts out even on his worst day.

Congrats to Captain America for delivering THE best trilogy the entire comic book genre has ever seen. Beats any one off by a ton.

Winter Soldier.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier destroys a movie as forgettable as the plot devise itself.

yea memento beats an impressive sequel of a forgettable movie

Love, love Memento...but I'm going Cap here...

Winter Soldier is in the top half of MCU-movies I guess but that still puts it way lower then Memento, which is till my favourtie Nolan movie.