Captain America: The Winter Soldier vs. Captain America: The First Avenger



Winter Soldier

CA: The Winter Soldier

winter soldier isn't even out yet, how can you rank it?

they have provided several preview screenings of the film

As much as I liked the first, the second is better. The Winter Soldier could be the best sequel that I've seen this century.

I really didn't want to run into this match-up! I love these both so much! They both have their strong qualities. The First Avenger has the strong setting/retro vibe. The Winter Soldier has stronger action and less of a cheesy feel (which isn't inherently a bad thing) ... I think I'll have to go with the sequel for the time being. Impossible match-up though.

I'd say they are pretty equal in overall quality. I'm gonna have to give the edge to The First Avenger though. Its still 5-1 in favor of the sequel though.

I'm giving the edge to the second one. It had a much better story, more interesting characters, and a better screenplay. Huge improvement in my opinion.

They are essentially equal, but I like the WWII setting of the first one. Both awesome!

Sequel. Just a better movie IMO...

The first was excellent but The Winter Soldier is more than amazing.

The Winter Soldier just offers so much more, and it feels more like a movie instead of a glorified trailer.

Probably my favorite one two punch of all-time to date. Just a personal preference but I love both.

This is pretty straight forward. The Winter Soldier.

Far and away the sequel. The first one was alright, but the second one is actually a lot of fun! I'd say The Winter Soldier has the better action, writing and characters. Plus the political subtext is quite gutsy. Let's hope Marvel can make some more movies like it!

I didn't care much for the first movie, but love the Winter Soldier! The sequel is far superior.

Yeah. I think we all know what the general consensus here is.

I'm a big fan of the first one, but the second one improves on it in everyway.

I really enjoyed both. I thought First Avenger was one of the highlights of Phase One and Winter Soldier has been the only highlight of Phase Two. Winter Soldier improved very well on the first is the better of the two films

Easily Winter Soldier.

As much as I love the period elements in First Avenger, Winter Soldier is simply a better made film overall.

the second one is surely better than the first. Although I was one of them who quite enjoyed first avenger

More Scarlett Johannsen, More Samuel L. Jackson, and Falcon > First Avenger.

gotta give it to #1. but this face off made me realize they are very close.

I love the WWII setting of the first one, but there's no comparison. The Winter Soldier improved in nearly every way.

This is not even close to being close - The Winter Soldier wins

The first one us better because it doesn't take itself so damn seriously. But either way, none of these movies were even worth the hype

I really like The First Avenger, but The Winter Soldier is one of the best (if not the best) of the MCU.

The Winter Soldier in a landslide

Winter Soldier was an enormous bore. I have no idea how it connected with mainstream audiences. First Avenger wasn't very good either, but at least it had a good cast (Stanley Tucci!).

Both of these are simply excellent. Can NOT wait to see Civil War CAP it all off! --See what I did there ;)

Soon, the base for the greatest trilogy the world has ever seen. Place your bets!

Two high quality films. I feel sorry for First Avenger because it's a cool origin film but it gets overshadowed by a great second installment. Kind of like Raimi's Spider-Man.

Both are MCU highlights Imo. The Winter Soldier it is.

Winter Soldier.

Both are underwhelming to me, but I'm not a big super hero movie guy.

Winter Soldier is in my top 3 CBM's , it easily wins this matchup, that's no knock on the First Avenger though! It was a fun movie to watch.

Winter Soldier

Both are exceptional. The first film gets better and better with age.

winter soldier is overrated but still good, first avenger is bad

First Avenger is just nowhere as great as it’s two sequels, and especially this one

the quality jump from TFA to TWS is insane

First Avenger because I still want to congratulate whoever came up with the idea of casting Hugo Weaving as Johann Schmidt.

Winter Soldier easily, I’m not fond of The First Avenger, not a bad movie for sure but one of the weaker Marvel Studio movies

TFA is a personal favourite of mine, and it actually has one of the best castings in the entire MCU in my opinion (Hugo Weaving as Johann Schmidt), but TFA is just better on a technical level I think.